L P 200ga's Net Worth

$554 Million

Estimate Recalculated Feb 7, 2024 03:45PM EST

Who is L P 200ga?

L P 200ga has an estimated net worth of $554 Million. This is based on reported shares in AUTOZONE INC.


L P 200ga's CIK is 0001269230

Past Insider Trading and Trends

2004 was L P 200ga's most active year for acquiring shares with 3 total transactions. L P 200ga's most active month to acquire stocks was the month of June. 2003 was L P 200ga's most active year for disposing of shares, totalling 7 transactions. L P 200ga's most active month to dispose stocks was the month of October. 2004 saw L P 200ga paying a total of $0.00 for 4,585,692 shares, this is the most they've acquired in one year. In 2003 L P 200ga cashed out on 5,600,000 shares for a total of $553,736,399.99, their largest year based on trade value.

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AUTOZONE INC (AZO) Snapshot price: $2840.86


L P 200ga used to own units in Common Stock but no longer holds any shares there. In the year 2003 L P 200ga acquired a total of 4,585,692 shares in AUTOZONE INC, L also disposed a total of 10,185,692 shares of AUTOZONE INC equalling to $553,736,399.99.

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