The Best Portfolio Management Software

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Contributor, Benzinga
December 7, 2023

Got a handful of bank accounts, a college savings account for your 6-year-old, and 401(k)s from a few past jobs out there somewhere? How about if you’re an options trader but also want to track other investments you have? It can be tough to reign it all in, and that’s where the best portfolio management software comes in handy.

Portfolio management software can track your portfolio against the rest of the market and can help you stay on top of your finances by giving you a comprehensive overview of your full portfolio. Just think of it as a bird’s eye view from an advisor whose office you don’t need to visit.

Portfolio management software is different from trading software and is worlds apart from what your online broker can offer. Read on and discover which software might be best for you, find the product you prefer and look at PPM principles that can take your investments to the next level.

Best Portfolio Management Software

We researched and reviewed several of the best portfolio management software options on the market. If you can, request a demo so that you can see the portfolio management tools in action.

1. Best for Managed Portfolios: Domain Money

As you hunt for a portfolio management system, you will discover that every platform has its own schtick. With Domain Money, you will uncover a range of crypto portfolios that are easy to use, offer quality returns and help you make wise decisions.

Domain Money offers the following digital asset management styles:

  • Domain Edge—The 100%, turnkey crypto portfolio that gives you instant exposure to this asset class.
  • Domain Core—A 100% stock portfolio that focuses on companies working with the blockchain, mining and in other parts of the crypto space.
  • Domain Balanced—Targeting innovative projects and stocks, with 50% on crypto and 50% on stocks.
  • Domain Metaverse—A crypto and stock portfolio that offers unique exposure to the NFT space.
  • Domain Access—A portfolio that features 80% stocks and 20% crypto.

These actively-managed portfolios offer you the mix of investments that you want, and Domain Money does the rest. This management software works behind the scenes to ensure that the portfolio you’ve chosen performs well. Plus, there are no lockups, minimums ranging from $100 to $500 and a 1% annual management fee. You can save money and pour your cash into crypto, but Domain Money will do the work.


  • You can easily choose the investment style you prefer for your personal or business objectives
  • It’s easy to change your investment style at any time


  • This platform is only for crypto investing

2. Best for Portfolio Options: Interactive Brokers

Interactive Broker is a comprehensive investment platform that offers affordable prices and access to a wide range of assets. IBKR makes it easier to invest by giving you access to:

  • Foreign markets
  • Many different account types
  • Low margin rates
  • Enhanced data and analysis tools

When you trade with IBKR, you can buy into stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, forex, options and futures. You can also invest in bonds, spot gold and cryptocurrencies, helping you build a more diverse portfolio that is safer to manage long into the future.

Features of this financial technology platform include:

  • PortfolioAnalyst tool. You can use this tool to review your portfolio, but you can also connect other accounts like your checking and savings to see a clear picture of your overall finances.
  • Fund parser. This tool tells you which assets cost the most money because things like mutual funds charge fees, and those fees cut into your net worth.
  • Portfolio Checkup. The Portfolio Checkup will compare your portfolio to various indices and industry benchmarks, determining if you are getting the performance you deserve.
  • Global Analyst. GlobalAnalyst helps you find undervalued companies that could help bolster your portfolio.
  • IMPACT App. IMPACT helps you find companies that share your core values, making investing safer and allowing you to spend your money with a clear conscience.


  • You can easily pinpoint new investment opportunities
  • You will find it easy to buy into any market you like while reviewing the scope of your finances


  • IBKR can be so big that it might throw off less experienced investors
  • This is not really a personal cash flow app

3. Best for High Net Worth Individuals: Personal Capital

If you’re after a large financial snapshot, you can get that for free with Personal Capital. You’ll get a comprehensive real-time overview of your net worth, a spending analysis, retirement planners and portfolio performance — all free on Personal Capital’s dashboard.

The spending analysis gives you a comprehensive overview of you where and how you spend your money (restaurants, grocery stores, etc.). This can be especially helpful for those who depend on consistent investment performance in the present for their income.

The Retirement Planner can pinpoint exactly where you are relative to your retirement goals. Personal Capital can give you a portfolio performance which shows you how your assets are performing. This investment advisor can provide you with a customer experience that is both simplified and easy to manage.

The Fee Analyzer shows you how much you’re spending on fees and where you can save thousands, particularly if you have mutual fund fees. You can even anticipate future expenses, such as planning for college, getting married or any other upcoming life event. This form of strategic portfolio management helps keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

In terms of wealth management, Personal Capital offers robo-investment services as well as real human financial advisors. Its annual fee is 0.89% and you need a $100,000 minimum in your account to get a personalized investment strategy. It’ll help you take the guesswork out of your goals and plug any holes for any future “what-ifs” that can come your way.

If you want a transformative experience and a quick way to analyze and build your net worth, there’s seemingly no end to the financial services Personal Capital can offer.


  • Personal Capital helps you do more than see cash flow
  • You can look into retirement options on this platform along with planning for big purchases


  • The annual fee and minimum on the account can seem daunting or even prohibitive

4. Best for High Net-Worth Investors: Vyzer

When your family has a range of investments that are both preparing for the future and potentially generating income in the present day, you might need a little help keeping track of all that cash. Where is it, what’s it doing and are you reaching your financial goals? Personal finance depends on this sort of “snapshot” information that can guide your business strategy or life decisions.

An account with Vyzer can help you analyze all your financial documents, integrate with financial platforms online, generate reports and track transactions made from these accounts. In short, you always know where the money is and it’s much easier to control the purse strings.

Because your portfolio can spread all over the place, this is the perfect solution. You don’t need to consolidate and close accounts when it’s much easier to connect them all here. Plus, you can integrate all your accounts and forget all spending hours checking them all when one look at your dashboard on Vyzer is enough.You even have the option to manage your investments through the Vyzer app on your Apple or Android device. 

If your family is investing with others, managing several large investments and generating income at the same time, wealth management tools from Vyzer ensure that your virtual office tells you how your money is performing, the structure under which each investment was made and more. Plan for cash flow, set up distribution schedules, review your cash flow and preview scenarios that might cause you to adjust your investments. 


  • You can pull together all your accounts in one place without trying to close old accounts and open this new one
  • You can view cash flow because it allows you to connect all your accounts


  • Because this is a mobile app, some people might want to view their finances on a larger screen

5. Best for Beginners & Sophisticated Investors: Delta Investment Tracker

  • securely through Delta Investment Tracker's website
    securely through Delta Investment Tracker's website
    Best For:
    Beginners & sophisticated investors

The Delta Investment Tracker is a mobile app designed to give you access to 7,000 cryptocurrencies that you can trade in over 300 exchanges. The app allows you to sync up to 5 devices when you sign up for Pro, making it great for private investors and money managers. Plus, you can see where all these tokens are moving, organize them as you like and review pricing in your native currency.

You may also track all sorts of assets on this platform like stocks, ETFs and more. This means that you can start with, for example, some tokens you bought many year ago and add in your stocks or other investments.

Download the app today for free and see how it looks when all your holdings are condensed into one easy-to-use platform.


  • You can easily track your crypto holdings along with any other assets you hold and compare them to one another
  • Because you can see prices in your native currency, you can also switch to other currencies that might match up with other investments you’ve made


  • The design of the app may not align with your investing philosophy

6. Best for Portfolio Optimization: Ziggma

  • securely through Ziggma's website
    securely through Ziggma's website
    Best For:
    User Experience

Link your investment accounts to benefit from Ziggma's suite of portfolio monitoring and optimization tools. Create a Ziggma account for free, and its Portfolio Manager will automatically monitor your key parameters.

You can set the Smart Alerts within seconds to receive notifications for limits breached on portfolio risk, price, yield, PE ratio and more. With your personalized alerts in place, you'll have more free time to focus on research or any other prep to keep your portfolio where you want it.

And Ziggma's account aggregation means you can easily link your brokerage account to the Ziggma Portfolio Manager. Ziggma works with Plaid. Recently acquired by VISA, Plaid is a market leader in account aggregation working with virtually all U.S. banks. Plaid's encryption technology means you can expect the best data security.

Link your investment portfolios to Ziggma today to benefit from its tools where it matters most.


  • The platform is free, which is a breath of fresh air as compared to the competition
  • If you want to upgrade, the prices are very low and can be paid monthly


  • Because the app collates several other portfolios, you may feel it is too cluttered

7. Best for Charting an Analysis: Fund Manager

Fund Manager portfolio management software runs on Windows 10, 8.x and 7. It’s compatible with both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows. Fund Manager can track your stocks, mutual funds, options, bonds, cash and other investment types.

More specifically, you can track the following:

  • Purchases
  • Redemptions
  • Distributions
  • Transfers
  • Advanced transactions (splits, re-combinations, mergers and spin-offs)

Fund Manager’s Personal version includes extensive portfolio management features for most individual investors. The Professional version is meant for active traders and adds advanced features such as trailing stop-loss alerts, technical analysis, real-time quotes and advanced statistics.

Fund Manager can access funds directly from your broker, import funds from other formats or you can enter them manually.  

You’ll get 48 customizable graph types and 21 available report types.  

Fund Manager prices include $99 for a new version and $39 for an upgrade. It’s $295 for a new Professional version. You can upgrade from Personal to Professional for $260 and $89 if you upgrade to an already-existing Professional software.


  • This is a very good option for fund managers who need to watch the portfolios of several clients at once
  • The reporting on the app is something you can share with a client or your spouse when explaining the state of your investments


  • The pricing on the professional version is very high as compared to the competition

8. Best for Versatile Trading Options: StockMarketEye

StockMarketEye portfolio management software is for individual investors and asset managers. The customer-centric company makes short work of grabbing your investments for analysis.

You can use a brokerage import to access your accounts directly from U.S. brokerages through QIF, OFX/QFX or CSV formatted files. You can also manually add your investments and enter any type of transaction from buys and sells to dividends, splits, cash deposits and more.

Data is stored locally on your computer and is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android. Though it’s stored on your computer, you can use it online to access portfolios, watchlists, charts, alerts and more.

The app isn’t as comprehensive, however, as it offers no charts, no ratios and limited views when you want to see your portfolios.

You can sum up current and past performance through a comprehensive set of reports and create watchlists to keep track of your investment ideas. Comparison charting can get you a view of more than one stock at the same time for a much savvier overview of performance over a particular time period.

You can try StockMarketEye for free for 30 days. After that, a paid subscription for your 1st year is $99.99. Subsequent years are $49.99 per year.


  • You can manually add investments, allowing you to take the time to review your portfolio
  • Comparing your assets is one of the best ways to determine if a certain asset isn’t performing all that well


  • Subscription prices might seem high for some investors, even if the free trial is rather long

9. Best for Professional Investors: Stock Rover

  • securely through Stock Rover's website
    securely through Stock Rover's website
    Best For:
    Professional Investors

Stock Rover makes portfolio management that much simpler by offering over 650 screening criteria, allowing you to tap into any segment of the market at any time. Free accounts are available, and you can dig into the platform by taking advantage of:

  • Easy account linking to all your brokerage accounts
  • Organized data
  • Multiple screening options
  • Information on more than 8000 stocks, 4000 ETFs and 40,000 mutual funds
  • 90 additional metrics
  • 10 years of detailed financial data

With robust customer support and a powerful learning center, you can try Stock Rover today, track your investments and make wise decisions.

You can even read through weekly market briefs and watch educational videos that give you more insight into how the market is performing and how you should respond. Set your own equations as you use the screener application, use the device on a mobile phone and even enjoy Stock Rover on a tablet as you work remotely.


  • Because it’s easy to set up your account and get started, you can begin experimenting with the app right away
  • You can use new metrics every day to assess the status of your portfolio


  • You might want more robust information on stocks and ETFs

How Portfolio Management Software Works

Web-based financial planning software and portfolio trackers like Personal Capital are popular. You can connect your finances by linking your accounts to an online portfolio tracker. But online portfolio management can’t do quite as much as a software-based portfolio manager.

We’ve featured both options here so you can choose how in-depth you’d like to get with your portfolio.

The software offers much more powerful reporting, sophisticated technological elements and a spot-on ability to calculate gains and losses. In short, the software should offer a plethora of reporting tools and options, no matter the securities you own.

Most portfolio management software operates similarly. Typically, you’ll download and install the portfolio management software on your computer. Then, you’ll import or enter historical transactions or enter starting positions of all of your accounts.

Your portfolio management software should be able to connect to the internet and automatically obtain your data. You’ll be able to see detailed graphs, in-depth reports (which are usually customizable) and modify transaction data for all your investments.

What to Look for in the Best Portfolio Management Software

A few characteristics to look for as you choose the best portfolio management software include user-friendly features, a wide variety of reports and support for all of your funds.

User-Friendly Features

How well can the software handle your personal needs? Can you easily operate the software? These are a couple of questions that might be at the forefront of your mind.

You might not want to spend weeks configuring and learning the program, so get a taste beforehand of whether each program has a bit of a learning curve. Several programs offer demos so you can try them out for yourself before you buy.

Wide Variety of Features

The portfolio management software you choose should have a number of options available to you. It should offer thorough investment tracking, accounting, reporting, communication tools, analysis tools, customizable reports and more.

You should have access to tools that can help you understand your investments and even connect you to 3rd-party sources if you need to import specific market information. You may even want to manage your cash through a client portal where you can buy and sell. Ultimately, it’s important to make sure the features you want are there.

Ability to Support a Vast Array of Assets

The portfolio management software you choose should be able to help you manage stocks, bonds, mutual funds or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) but in addition to the basics, a vast number of other types of trading and investment vehicles should be supported.

Some software supports options trading, for example, so be sure that the portfolio management software you choose can support every type of trading you do.

Choose the Best Portfolio Management Software for You

You may have already decided that you need a portfolio management tool, particularly if you feel like your portfolio is scattered among 6 different brokers. Organize your finances now, and choose among Benzinga’s top portfolio management solutions.

Just be sure to do some testing ahead of time so you’re positive that the software you test and ultimately select is a great match for you.

After all, if you don’t like the way a particular software’s report generator showcases your portfolio, you could be stuck staring at the same grainy pie charts and graphs for years. Do yourself a favor ahead of time and check out the demo options built into many portfolio management software options.