Best Chatbot Services for Healthcare

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Informational chatbots cover almost 64% of the medical sector. While healthcare providers are already using different kinds of AI, like machine learning and predictive analysis, the chatbot is a new space.

Chatbot popularity has surged due to the ability to reduce physicians’ pressure and enhance patient results, while dramatically eliminating costs and boosting efficiency.

The market has designed different kinds of chatbots for the healthcare sector. Get started with our list of the best chatbot services for healthcare.

What is a Chatbot?

In the medical industry, chatbots are the tool to guide patients with relevant assistance. They help users identify the patient’s condition and suggest whether they must visit the doctor.

It can be a reliable tool to discover the severity of a patient’s symptoms than an online search as medical experts have specially designed them to address patients’ issues.

There are 3 types of chatbots popular in the healthcare industry:

  • Prescriptive chatbots answer queries and provide therapeutic solutions.
  • Conversational chatbots offer a response to users, and you can vary the intensity and intelligence of the conversation.
  • Informative chatbots offer helpful information to the users through notifications, breaking stories and pop-ups.

Benefits of Using Chatbots in Healthcare Sector

Chatbots are not programmed to diagnose a person. They guide people and assist in revealing if they have any severe illness. Here are a few other ways they can benefit healthcare professionals and patients.

Basic questions and answers

Patients often come with common queries, which chatbots can easily handle. Many hospitals and clinics use the software to save their time and for the ease of patients. 

For example, chatbots can answer queries related to the payment tariffs, required documents for the treatment, the business hours, and the insurance coverage.

Offer quick data

When there is no time to lose, nothing can help better than a chatbot. Patients can also use it for internal record-keeping like prescribed and administered medication, check-up reports or allergies. Then healthcare professionals can dig into the patient information quickly to make the right decision in time.  

Mental health

Patients often feel better when they talk about their stress and anxiety they are going through. For such people, a conversational health bot can act as an effective outlet to discuss their feelings. If the case goes beyond the bot’s capacities, a medical practitioner can provide the best suggestion to the patient.

24/7 availability

Doctors cannot be available all the time, but chatbots can. They can be there for people who need doctor’s assistance frequently or outside normal office hours. The virtual assistants can take the responsibility to remind users to take their medicines, monitor a patient’s health status and provide medical information.

Medical training

Chatbots keep a record of each patient’s conversation. These histories can be a learning guide for the newbies in the medical industry. They can thoroughly go through their record and understand different cases to provide proper treatment to the patient.  

What to Look for in Chatbot Services?

While there are many chatbot services, they all vary in terms of features they offer. Let us find out what makes the best chatbot service for medical use.

Easy integration

You can integrate a good healthcare chatbot with current software apps and systems you are using, such as telemedicine platforms and electronic health records (EHR).


All the advanced chatbots use NLP (Natural Language Processing), one of the forms of AI, to detect the issue and respond accordingly. It’s the technology used for voice recognition systems. They utilize a user-friendly interface like a web app or a standalone application to imitate human conversation.


Cost is a significant concern for any organization. The bot you choose must be affordable and minimize costs in other ways. 

For example, it should simplify the administrative functions and eliminate the need for a health support team to handle basic questions. It should save your time and resources to utilize them to scale up your service.

The Best Chatbot Services for Healthcare

Now when you are aware of its benefits, it’s time to check out our top picks of healthcare chatbots.

1. Babylon Health

Babylon Health is best for British subscribers to get online medical consultation and health service.

It’s a chatbot-human hybrid healthcare platform that leverages the power of both AI-based chatbots and traditional healthcare solutions. When the user downloads the app, it asks to provide all necessary information. 

Its artificially intelligent models process the data, and the in-built symptom checker drives the patient towards a consultation. If needed, patients can also engage in a video-based consultation with a practitioner to further take the necessary steps.

If you are interested, you need to fill up their contact form, and the Babylon Health executive will contact you within 48 hours.

2. Ada Health

Ada health is the best as a symptom checker with a maximum number of features.

As a global health company, Ada offers its services with intelligent technology, raising clinical accuracy. Patients can check symptoms and discover what might be causing them trouble at any time without an appointment. Because doctors, scientists, and industry pioneers created it, you can expect accuracy at a higher level.

The most exciting part of this chatbot is it is free to use.  

3. OneRemission

OneRemision is the best for cancer patients.

A New York-based company introduced this chatbot to provide information to cancer patients and cancer survivors. The bot suggests the required diets, exercises and post-cancer practices. These suggestions are reliable as integrative medicine experts curate these solutions. The bot means cancer patients don’t have to consult a doctor as frequently.

Plus, an oncologist is available 24/7 online in case the user needs a consultation with a specialist. OneRemission offers both text-based chatbots and voice-based chatbots. 

For pricing, contact the service provider directly through its website or by phone.

4. Buoy Health

Buoy Health chatbots are best known for their massive database of clinical data.

A team of computer scientists and doctors developed this chatbot and based it on the clinical data from 18,000 medical papers. Patients can check their symptoms online or browse in its vast database to identify their health issues. 

The chatbot provides a series of questions to understand your medical state and then offer various solutions and suggest actionable steps you should take.

Buoy Health is a free digital health tool to check health symptoms.

5. Youper 

Youper is the best chatbot service to monitor and improve users’ emotional health.

It’s a more technology-driven chatbot than any other app on the list. This AI-powered app utilizes psychological techniques to monitor and improve emotional health. It performs quick, personalized conversations to provide an immediate solution to the patient feeling low.

It features personalized meditations and can track mood and monitor emotional health. With regular conversation, the chatbot will learn more about the patients and provide a better solution that fits their needs.

Youper is free to use service. To unlock additional premium features, you can choose to subscribe to the Emotional Health Plan.

Your First Line of Medical Assistance

A growing number of nursing homes, hospitals, and private clinics are now using chatbots for healthcare on their websites. These bots help potential patients with the first line of medical assistance. Patients can visit your website or mobile application and get the necessary support.

The chatbots listed above are all experts in their ways and they can help both physicians and patients. However, to reach an optimum level of automation for your healthcare service, you should also consider building a knowledge base and a good support center. 

Together, with these elements in place, you and your patients can reap the benefits of this modern technological marvel.