Best Real Estate Chatbot Service

Contributor, Benzinga

Chatbots have become an exceptional support tool across all industries in recent years, and the real estate industry is no exception. By smartly handling property inquiries to buy, rent and sell, these AI-based real estate chatbots have revolutionized the way people browse for property online. 

Learn more about chatbots and find the best real estate chatbots in the industry now. 

What is a Real Estate Chatbot?

The real estate chatbots services are designed to help owners sell their property and prospective customers find the relevant property. They enable users to get the best property recommendations and connect with the most relevant buyers or sellers, saving them their time, money and resources.

Using chatbot service, you can get virtual assistants and live operators to answer every query related to selling and buying homes. Being powered by Artificial Intelligence, they provide better recommendations to the user, address most of the customer queries, and help sellers build sales funnel. In short, it can help in converting a lead.

Unlike humans, chatbots can handle many repeated customer queries, which gives an edge in the surging competition.

Why Use a Real Estate Chatbot?

Arguably, chatbots are a boon to the real estate sector. The way they can benefit a real estate business is interesting to explore. Here are a few benefits:

Realtime inquiry  

Customers hate waiting, and chatbots do not let them wait at all. People get answers to all their queries related to the property they are interested in as soon as they land on your site.    

Available around the clock

Providing human agents 24/7 to address customer’s queries is not possible. Human agents need to allocate their time to many other administrative and sales tasks required to grow their business. 

If you take the help of a chatbot service, there is always an agent available for the prospective customers’ questions even after official working hours. 

Better time management

As a realtor, you and your team have to look after a lot of realty aspects. Therefore, time management becomes a necessity in this scenario. Chatbots handle prospects at a basic level asking queries that are common and asked repeatedly. 

They then collect the information in the database, which you can later refer to before making them the first call.

User engagement

Every user comes with different requirements and expects answers that clear their doubts. Chatbots ask a question followed by another question to get a clear idea of what the user is looking for and provide them with an accurate solution. 

While this process keeps the user engaged, it collects information about their references.

Automate processes

Chatbots help you to follow up with your prospects. Following up with your prospects can be daunting when you have plenty of other things to do. With chatbots for real estate, you can automate the process. 

The bots ask the customers through the medium of their choice: text message, email or direct call. The bots can then send the message through the chosen medium automatically.

Interaction history

Chatbot keeps every conversation with the customer as a record. You can then refer to the logged conversation at any time you want. You can also identify the trend of the conversation and act accordingly to convert a prospect.

The Best Chatbot Services for Real Estate

Indeed, chatbots for real estate are simplifying the way of handling customer queries. Let us check out some of the most popular chatbot services for real estate.

1. Best for Listing Transactions: Brivity 

Brivity is best for listing customer experience and transactions. One of the most highly-featured real estate chatbots, Brivity covers all functions you need to capture and connect with leads. 

It blends the power of chatbots and AI to deliver the best real estate user experience. The chatbot-human hybrid platform combines some excellent features like lead qualification and leads nurturing, text lead capture, CRM, click-to-call and more.

Because the creators of Brevity designed it specifically for real estate, they also went as far as to connect the CRM with home valuation sites. The pricing starts from $99.99 per month for 2 people. Then you have to pay $19.99 per month per person.  

2. Best for Live Chat Support: MobileMonkey

MobileMonkey is best for live chat support. Though MobileMonkey is not solely intended for real estate, it offers an extensive suite of chatbot tools and automation that meet all the realtor’s expectations. It does all from web chat to live chat, SMS to Facebook Messenger bots and omnichannel marketing.

People love this chatbot for its support for both web and mobile. Visual-flow chatbot builder and editor are the other features you can’t ignore. It’s multilingual and offers many chatbot templates to create a user-specific experience.

If you consider its pricing, it’s affordable compared to Brivity. The plan starts from $19 per month and costs $14.25 per month when billed annually.

3. Best for Outsourcing Leads: ReadyChat

ReadyChat is best for outsourcing lead qualification and a live chat. Especially designed for the real estate industry, the service provides live chat agents who chat with your leads and nurture them. This service is an excellent solution to drum up website traffic and direct conversations to human agents rather than robots.

Real estate experts train these bots in converting leads to long-term customers. They are also available 24/7 for your business.

As the service is human-oriented, the pricing is a bit higher than the others. The pricing starts from $99 per month for up to 2 websites.

4. Best Value: WP-Chatbot 

WP-Chatbot is best for its value for money. MobileMonkey designed this app specifically for WordPress sites. 

It stands out to be the quickest and easiest method to include Facebook Messenger chat to any WordPress site. The visitors can use Facebook Messenger to chat with your live support team or chatbot.

It only takes just one click to install. Plus, it supports multiple languages and fully integrates with the MobileMonkey Facebook Messenger solutions platform. Since it stores complete chat history and contacts, you can look into the record anytime you need it.

WB-Chatbot is free to install. In case you want to boost its abilities, you have to pay $48 per year.

5. Best for Earning Leads: Structurely 

Structurely is best to earn leads through AI and machine learning. 

This AI-enabled machine learning-based platform has a unique chatbot named Aisa Holmes. The bot is exceptionally suited to communicate with the leads, create a personalized experience, and convert them into customers. Its distinctive feature allows you to pause the conversation and pick it up from there to complete the qualification.

You can use this chatbot with Facebook Messenger, web chat and Zillow. Apart from live-chat, it also offers text chat. CRM integration is an added advantage with this software. It also comes as a mobile app.

Structurely can quote you pricing information on request. The quote form is available on their website.

Make Way for the Future

A chatbot for real estate works beyond answering the queries of the prospects. It also gathers information about the users by looking into their searching patterns and answers to their questions.

With so many chatbots available around, it isn’t easy to choose the right one. However, we can say that it’s the way to the future. And the best way to stay relevant in the market is to adopt technology and automate whatever you can.