Quick Links for Support: 

  1. Re-opt in form if you accidently unsubscribed and are not receiving the emails.
  2. Opt in for SMS alerts. You will receive the trade idea alerts straight to your phone SMS inbox as well as email. Fill in the form below:

Frequency Asked Questions: 

  1. How will I get notified for these alerts? By default, all alerts are sent by email. You are able to sign up for SMS alerts within the members portal. See form above
  2. Does tier 3 include tier 1 and tier 2? No, each tier has different picks. You do not need to purchase tier 1 in order to purchase tier 2 and so forth.
  3. How often do I receive these notifications? Each subscription has a different trade alert frequency. The higher the tier, the more trade ideas you receive.
  4. What is the refund policy for Benzinga newsletters? All of our newsletters have a 14 day money back guarantee.
  5. Why am I not getting email alerts for my newsletter ? Many times your email service provider (google, yahoo, aol, hotmail) will label your email subscriptions as spam/junk/promotions and they will not appear in your main inbox, so keep an eye out on those folders. Another reason could be that you subscribed with a different email or there was a typo when you entered your email. When signing up, you will always receive a welcome email so keep an eye out of that email.
  6. How do I sign up for SMS text alerts ? When login into the members portal, an orange pop up will appear and ask for details in order to sign up for SMS alerts. If you do not see this pop up, email newsletters@benzinga.com and we can manually add you for SMS alerts. See form above
  7. Are all of Benzinga’s newsletters billed annually? Yes. The only exception is the penny stocks newsletter which is billed monthly.
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