What Is the Best Photo Editing App for iPhone?

Apple products are known for their quality cameras and photos. Sometimes all a photo needs is a small touch up, and it is ready for social media, and other times you may want to experiment and try many different looks on the same image.

No matter what your goal, using the best photo editing app for iPhone will help you reach  it more quickly. 

What to Look for in a Photo Editing App

There are many different types of photo editing apps. A lot of these apps work to create novelty images such as converting your picture into a cartoon. The focus of this article is on apps that will edit photos in a variety of ways through natural edits as well as creative versions of the image.

What to look for in those apps is a whole other topic in itself. Here are some helpful tips on what to look for when you are choosing the best photo editing app for iPhone. 


If you like to get in depth with creating your own edits instead of using filters, you will want to have some good tools. The 3 basic tools any photo editing app should have are exposure, contrast and saturation.

Each of these tools affects the look of the photo in a different way, and when combined can help you add a personalized feel.


For those who are uneducated on how to edit photos, using filters is an easy way to get a great look. There are plenty of terrible filters, and sometimes they just look bad because they don’t match the vibe of the picture. 

Image Repair

In an app, the image repair tools will be somewhat limited in comparison to what would be available on a laptop or computer. That said, you will be impressed by how much you can achieve with the image-repair tools available in some of these apps.

Not only are there options for cutting out entire portions of a picture, you can also blend to mask blemishes. 


Apps that charge you in the app store are becoming rarer and rarer. Companies have probably found they make more of a profit if they do not have to split the price of an app with Apple.

They also can offer different pricing options for their apps when you download the app for free and then pay for a subscription or license in the app itself. 

5 Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone

Knowing what options are available for apps will help you determine which option is best for you. As you read through these, make sure to take advantage of free trials that any app has to offer. You may find the paid versions are fully worth it. 

Adobe Photoshop Mix

This iPhone app from Adobe is fantastic for any basic photo editing. With some great filters as well as layering tools you can get any look and effect you desire. This alongside the masking and blending tools will give you everything you need. 


  • Work on individual layers
  • Adjust individual settings manually or use filters
  • Blend colors


  • Learning curve

Best for: Layering

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5/5 stars  


If you are an experienced editor or want to gain experience editing photos, Snapseed is a great way to get started. A plethora of built-in tools will help you get a natural look all while using the fundamental editing tools that professionals regularly use.


  • A vast number of tools
  • Detailed manual edits


  • The detailed tools can be difficult for new users to pick up

Best for: Manual editing

Pricing: Free

Rating: 5/5 stars 


If you don’t have a lot of time between taking the photo and needing to post it, Artist will help improve your photos at a moment’s notice. While you are limited in what you can use without paying, you can still get viable results. And if you decide to spring for the paid version, you will gain access to so much more to use. 


  • Creative filters and tools
  • Free tools as well as a free premium trial


  • Very limited for free users

Best for: iPhone Users


  • Free
  • Artist, $19.99 per year

Rating: 3/5 stars 


VSCO makes it easy to learn how to use photo editing software. The app has a simple-to-navigate layout with a wide selection of tools to choose from. Free users are limited but still have access to great tools. You even have the ability to see popular settings and looks that others users like.


  • Community-oriented 
  • Easy to learn and use


  • Paid version limits your options

Best For: Easy to use


  • Free
  • $19.99 per year

Rating: 4/5 stars

If you want to regularly edit photos and even edit photos for other people, Afterlight is worth the investment. The tools and details you can work with within this app surpass anything  any other app can offer. From the filters to the color shifting, this app has it all. 



  • More tools and filters than any other app
  • High-quality filters
  • Creative design edits


  • Very expensive compared to other apps

Best for: Experienced editors


  • Free
  • $2.99 per month
  • $17.99 per year
  • $35.99 one-time payment

Rating: 5/5 stars

Photos for You

While it is important to understand what looks good overall and is acceptable, you want like what you are making. Never let yourself put out work that does not meet your expectations. Having standards is important, and meeting those standards can be done easily when you have the best photo editing app.

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