What is the Best Free AdBlocker?

Contributor, Benzinga

Blocking ads and protecting your computer does not always have to cost money. There are many free options you can find on the internet for adblocking on your internet browser. You don’t even have to go to a sketchy website to find a free program. Whether you go with a free limited version of a paid program or a free program altogether, you can start protecting yourself and your information immediately. 

What to Look for in a Free AdBlocker

A good adblocker will do more than just prevent pop-ups and videos. It also can prevent your information from being tracked by any 3rd party whether that be the website itself or any of the ads you might come in contact with. To choose which free ad blocker is best here are some factors to think about. 

Restricted Access

While you have the right to use an ad blocker, websites also have the right and ability to restrict access to their site to anyone running an ad blocker on their browser. However, they keep it simple to enter the entirety of the site. If you click on your ad blocker’s extension icon, you can choose to pause this 1 time or every time that you are on that particular site. That said, you can completely turn off your adblocker if you want to. 


If you are looking for added security beyond any existing programs on your computer, an ad blocker can help with that. It is not foolproof, but it can prevent your information from being tracked by the websites you are on or at least by any 3rd party. Most ad block developers usually run their users through multiple servers to mask their traffic and browsing. Just remember that this does not work the same as a VPN. 


Because your signal is being run through multiple servers, there is a chance for your browser to become a bit slower. But more often than not, your connection usually becomes faster with an ad block running. Because your computer only has to bring up the actual website and does not have to download and load in ads and pop-ups, that takes less time to actually perform most actions in your browser.

The Best Free AdBlocker

Now that you know a little bit more about ad blockers, you can look through any options that you will find and know a little bit of what to look for in the program itself. But for the best free ad blocker, we put together this list of choices that can deliver some of the best results. 


AdBlock is a helpful add-on for any Chrome users out there. It has easy-to-use preferences and updates itself automatically. The biggest drawback is if you are using any other browser like Safari or Firefox. Both have their own versions, but reviews have shown that they do not work quite as effectively as on Chrome. 


  • Blocks 3rd-party trackers
  • Lists how many ads are being blocked
  • Keeps your preferences across devices you are signed in on


  • Does not have great feedback for use on other browsers

Best for: Chrome users

Pricing: Free or donations

uBlock Origin

UBlock Origin is technically deemed a wide-spectrum content blocker. It does have an initial list of content types to block that includes certain types of ads. One of the best parts about uBlock Origin is that you can add or remove types of content that is filtered out. This allows for certain types of ads to be allowed or every possible ad to be removed for you. The choice is yours.


  • Can be used to block more than just ads
  • Compatible with multiple browsers
  • Custom filters


  • Not compatible with every version of Safari

Best for: Custom filters

Pricing: Free 

Please note that uBlock Origin is not connected with “ublock.org.”


Rather than installing an ad blocker on your current web browser, you can download Brave and have an entire browser built around security all while working like Chrome. Brave boasts having speeds 3 times faster than Chrome all while using less battery on your mobile device. If that is not enough, Brave even blocks any 3rd-party tracking whether it be from the website itself or from ads that are hosted on the site. 


  • Built around security
  • Built for ad blocking


  • Saved passwords from other browsers cannot be copied over

Best for: A secure web browser

Pricing: Free

Stands Fair AdBlocker

If you are wanting to support creators and online businesses but don’t want to have the annoyance of pop-ups and malware, Stands Fair AdBlocker is the one you are looking for. Many online sites are only able to stay afloat through the use of nonharmful advertisements. To prevent the blockage of those ads, Stands Fair AdBlocker lets you keep out the ads you don’t want all while allowing the best through.


  • Helpful for creators
  • Protects your computer


  • You have to choose which ads are not ok as you go
  • Only available on Chrome

Best for: Helping content creators

Pricing: Free

Take Away the Tracking

By stopping all of the ads and malware from popping up on your screen, ad blockers prevent the tracking and logging of your information by those ads. This helps keep your information safe from hackers or any 3rd parties that will sell your information. Take advantage of the free tools provided, and you can improve your computer’s security.