Best MailChimp Alternatives

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MailChimp is a dominant player in the email marketing industry and an all-in-one integrated marketing platform with website builders and CRM. Offering convenient email marketing features in a user-friendly interface, it is among the favorites for users. 

However, because of its frequent modifications and pricing plan revisions, people are often tempted to search for its alternatives. With several options available to choose from, it can be challenging to find the best one. Learn about some of the best MailChimp alternatives now.

What to Look For in the Best Alternatives to MailChimp?

A MailChimp alternative should provide most of the MailChimp’s features, if not more. Here are a few features a MailChimp alternative must have.

Email campaigns

An email campaign is a popular way of contacting multiple recipients to acquire new customers and build relationships. Through email campaigns, you can advertise your products and services, make announcements, congratulate your clients, send invites and provide information. The best MailChimp alternatives should allow you to create attractive email campaigns intuitively, segment them, add CTAs (calls-to-action) and track their success.

Email tracking

Email tracking refers to checking the metrics of email campaigns. By tracking an email campaign, you can monitor whether the email you have sent has been delivered, opened, or clicked, allowing you to follow up with leads or clients effectively and personally. It also assesses the success of your email marketing campaigns, allowing you to plan and improve the results of your future campaigns. Ensure the mail chimp alternative lets you track email campaigns easily.

Report and analysis

Any MailChimp alternative should feature effective report and analysis tools to provide you rich statistics and insights of your campaigns and marketing efforts. The best MailChimp alternatives need to put data at the center of the campaigns, providing a detailed overview of their vital performance metrics like delivery rate, open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and subscribe/unsubscribe rate. These reports should include recipients’ interaction with the emails, such as the number of shares and part of the email the recipients focused on.

Grow, divide and track your mailing list

One of the objectives of email marketing is to grow your audience in meaningful ways. Consider using those alternatives that provide native sign-up forms for your email links to capture customer emails and reach a wider audience by expanding your mailing list. The MailChimp alternative should also allow you to segment your mailing list to personalize emails for better results.

Best MailChimp Alternatives

The MailChimp alternatives listed below are the best in the market and excel on each of the above factors.


A powerful email marketing and SMS marketing tool, Sendinblue also encompasses powerful and comprehensive marketing features like automation, list management, email drip campaigns, CRM tools and transactional emails. All of this in a simple and straightforward UI makes Sendinblue an excellent alternative to MailChimp.

Its best feature is its powerful and solid email automation and workflow editor. It is fully equipped with a workflow-based automation feature, allowing you to start campaigns, trigger campaign actions, assign lead scores and send transactional messages, among others. It is also an affordable SMS marketing tool that has a detailed WordPress plugin.

Sendinblue’s reporting and analytics fall behind MailChimp’s and its newsletter templates seem limited and dated. It also lacks integration options with other applications.

As for pricing, its Lite plan starts at $25 per month. It also has Essential, Premium and Enterprise plans, starting at $39, $66 and a custom price per month, respectively. It has a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ plan, suitable if you don’t run campaigns frequently. It also has a Free plan that lets you send 300 emails daily.

Rating: 4.75 stars


AWeber’s auto email responder is one of the best features you can have in an email marketing tool. It also comes with an impressive bundle of features such as auto-fetching articles to create blog newsletter emails, list segmentation, list management and email analytics.

While MailChimp doesn’t support affiliate links in emails, AWeber does, making it another best MailChimp Alternatives. It also includes a robust list management tool to manage subscribers and apply tags to them so that you can track your campaigns and analyze your sales easily. It also features fast and friendly support and education tools like blogs, videos and podcasts for beginners.

It lacks advanced marketing automation and its email automation tools don’t support advanced configuration. And while it offers many email and newsletter templates, its editor can sometimes be sluggish.

As for pricing, AWeber offers a free plan if you have under 500 subscriptions and send less than 3000 emails a month. To support more than 500 subscribers, you can opt for its paid plans. The plans let you maintain 500 to 25000 subscribers and their prices range from $19.99 per month to $149.99 per month. Have more than 25000 subscribers? Try getting a custom quote from AWeber.

Rating: 4.5 stars


GetResponse offers the most value-for-money and is one of the most easy-to-use email marketing tools available in the market. On top of the email marketing features such as email campaigns, CRM and automation builders, they also offer more advanced automation and additional landing page features.

While its landing pages are pretty standard for email marketing tools, GetResponse’s landing pages are a part of its conversion funnel that enables lead generation via landing pages. It also features intelligent list automation, allowing you to segment your subscriber list automatically by adding conditions. 

Its email templates might be a bit traditional compared to the modern looks and feel you get from other tools in this list. Its slow analytics updates can disappoint you, too, if you are looking for a real-time update.

GetResponse doesn’t offer a free plan but a 30-day free trial. It has four pricing tiers by features – Basic, Plus, Professional and Max starting at $15, $49, $99 and custom pricing per month. The prices also vary depending on the number of subscribers on each tier.

Rating: 4.6 stars


MailerLite is a nifty and the most affordable email marketing tool on this list. It offers a consistent and straightforward interface and neat and modern templates, making it one of the easiest and beginner-friendly tools.

Its simplicity is one of the best aspects of MailerLite and its highly affordable pricing plans are another. It can be the best MailChimp alternative for small businesses, bloggers and freelancers. It also has a landing page builder that allows you to easily create and design a landing page and host it on your domain. It supports five different languages making it an excellent option for businesses with an international reach.

MailerLite lacks advanced automation features. Although it offers decent reporting, it doesn’t have advanced reporting, advanced list segmentation and automation, spam testing and CRM.

With MailerLite’s freemium plan, you can reach 1,000 subscribers with 12,000 emails per month. All of its paid plans include every MailerLite feature and vary only by the number of subscribers. If you have up to 1,000 subscribers, you have to pay $10 a month and $50 per month if you have up to 10,000 subscribers. 

Rating: 4.7 stars


MailJet is also an affordable email marketing tool with excellent features like automation, transactional email and A/B testing. It also has quite a user-friendly interface and offers a unique collaboration feature in its newsletter templates.

MailJet’s newsletter editor supports collaboration, allowing team members to collaborate on a single email template design in real-time. It also lets you comment, lock sections and validate templates. MailJet’s campaign delivery rates are also impressive. Its simplicity, affordability and extensive integration support make MailJet a great MailChimp alternative.

Though, it lacks advanced segmentation and automation features. Segmentation is limited to date and contact-field conditions and doesn’t support behavioral analytics like email opening rate. You also cannot edit the workflows once they’re active.

MailJet has a free plan that allows unlimited contacts but is limited to 200 emails per day and 6000 emails per month. Its paid plans have three tiers – Basic (email marketing only), Premium (email marketing, automation and advanced features) and Enterprise (customized). The basic plan starts at $9.65 with a 30,000 emails per month cap. The Premium plan, supporting up to 900,000 emails per month, starts at $20.95 per month and can go up to $398.95 per month.

Rating: 4.4 stars

Find the Best MailChimp Alternative Now

MailChimp is an established email marketing tool available in the market. But frequent modifications, along with a surge of impressive features from competitors, can tempt anyone to look for MailChimp’s alternatives.

Each of the alternatives has its own strengths and price-feature ratios. Therefore, assess your business type, your needs and budget before you choose your best MailChimp alternative.