Best Cheap Team Communication Tools

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With the continuous advancement in technology, organizations now have solutions to create a more flexible working environment. Employees can stay connected to work from any location worldwide.

A team communication tool is one such solution that has made effective team communication possible from remote locations. Today, organizations have plenty of choices for an advanced and cheap communication tool. Let us discover the best options we have.

What are the Benefits of Team Communication Tools?

Tools for business communications are not limited to video calling or messaging. This section will tell you how different tools can help your business foster a more collaborative work environment to strengthen employee engagement and make employees more productive.

Seamless communication

As a business owner or manager, you want your team to be connected and communicate in any given condition, even when they are not around or working from different locations. An effective team communication tool enables a team to get in touch with the team through live videos, chat and messages. Similarly, they can convey information like shared documents and videos irrespective of the location they work.

Streamline workflow

All projects go through a step-by-step process in every organization, which involves constant communication between its team members. Via virtual daily meetings, the tool plays a vital role in updating every team and their members about the project’s development. The team can share current tasks, create planning and get instant feedback.  

Better team management  

Effective coordination leads to enhanced project management. When the communication is clear and continuous, there is lesser scope for mistakes and doubts. As a result, managing the project becomes easy. Similarly, tracking the team performance and project development becomes possible.  


Quick chats, meetings and video conferences are the elements that fill up the gap between the team members. As these tools are easy to access and available instantly, it becomes swifter for them to connect without losing time and saving time.

What Factors Make the Best Cheap Team Communication Tool?

Team communication software has certainly simplified team communications. The best tool doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. A cheaper tool can meet a lot of the team’s requirements. Here is what you should look for in the best cheap team communication tool:

All-in-one communication

You must provide your team members a variety of options to connect with their team members. So, a team communication tool must provide solid connectivity options to the teams within an organization. Providing choices of communication will allow them to converse under any scenario.


Business communication involves sharing of sensitive data. You cannot afford to lose any such information. Therefore, a company must be cautious while choosing a platform and choose the one that ensures security and safety against cyber threats.


The price of any tool increases with the quality and the number of features it offers. However, paying for features that your team doesn’t use is a waste of resources. Look for the option that comes cheaper but fulfills your needs. Many communications tools are available in the current market at an affordable price to suit individual business needs.

User experience

Time is crucial for any business, so it is not wise to choose a team communication software that takes extra hours to learn how to use. The best tool is the one that’s easy to operate and has simple features that even a nontechnical staff member can use.  

The Best Cheap Team Communication Tools

When there are various communication tools and apps in action, picking a tool can be difficult. However, to help you narrow down the top and cheap tools, we have compiled a list of team communication tools. 

1. Best for Webinars: Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is best known for web conferencing and webinars.

This teleconferencing platform is the most preferred solution in the industry today. It tops the list because of its easy-to-use features and affordable price. You can easily collaborate and work remotely with excellent efficiency. During the meeting, you can share a screen and record and share the session. 

Besides, high security is its most outstanding feature. It integrates some exceptional security features you cannot ignore, like the Lock Meetings function, organization-level video settings and entry/exit notifications.

The pricing starts from $3 per month for 10 participants if you choose an annual subscription.   

2. Best for Team Collabs: Chanty 

Chanty is a popular team collaboration software and communications tool.

The software creates quick and efficient team collaboration to accomplish tasks. You can share information through chat, audio and video calls and perform screen sharing. 

The tool comes with a few industry-standard features like invite-only team access, data encryption and data export. Other than communication options, it also has some light project management features. Plus, it integrates well with tools like Google Drive, Trello, Dropbox and Github.

Chanty offers a free Forever plan for teams with up to 10 members. The Business plan costs $4 per user per month.

3: Best for Quick Messaging: Slack 

Slack is best for team communications and collaboration.

If you’re looking for a complete communications tool, Slack is the best option available in the market. It features instant messaging, file sharing, audio/video calls and powerful search. There is an option for individual and group messaging, which you can categorize as your choice. 

In addition, Slack offers the largest number of integrations in the market. Support for G-suite, Zapier, and thousands of other integrations gives your team more scope to manage tasks.

Slack has a free plan for an unlimited period. The paid plans start from $ 2.67 per month per user.

4. Best for Small Businesses: uShare 

uShare is best for audio and video meetings for small businesses.

It combines the features of Zoom and Slack. As a web-based team collaboration app, it enables you to communicate via group chat, audio and video conference. Some of its exceptional features include unlimited channel creation for teams, file sharing, task assigning, schedule coordination and participation through email. 

It offers one of the best-in-industry security. With enterprise-level security parameters like 2-factor authentication, biometrics and password sensitivity, it can secure each conversation.

The pricing starts from $7 per user per month or a minimum of $35 per month for up to 5 users. 

5: Best for Video Calls: Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the best video calling platform.

It brings all communication channels together like chat, video and conference calling. Also, you can find a wide range of valuable features, such as email-style threaded conversations, voice/video conferencing, team chats and private discussions, and in-line animated GIFs. The tabs for frequently used documents, open API, @mentions, customizable alerts, and multifactor authentication are other added functions.

Microsoft offers its free version that allows up to 100 participants. The paid version starts from $5 per user per month under annual commitment, which allows up to 300 participants.

Team up with Better Communications Software

A team communication tool is necessary for every organization of every size to inform and connect its team. But because the market is flooded with a massive collection of business communication tools, choosing the best one is not easy. 

You can simplify this task by evaluating your needs while communicating in a team and picking one from the above options that meets your budget and works for your team to maximize their productivity. To minimize a tool’s cost, don’t pay for the feature you don’t need.