What Is the Best Blog Name Generator?

If you are starting a blog, you are most likely trying to come up with a unique and memorable name that will drive followers to your website.

A blog name generator is a tool that can suggest several blog name ideas based on the keywords you type in. They are instrumental in checking if the domain names you like are available or used by other owners.

Your blog name is your online identity, so it’s best to make a careful choice when choosing a blog name. A blog name generator will be your best friend when you start this process.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Blog Name Generator?

A blog name generator is useful for anyone looking to create a unique, memorable and long-lasting blog. There are three significant benefits you will find from utilizing this tool.

They help to come up with creative ideas

It’s challenging to decide on a blog name that will generate traffic to your website. A blog name generator offers multiple suggestions based on the keywords you enter, helping to spark creativity. They will present syllables, abbreviations, suffixes, prefixes and popular domain trends to help you find the perfect name. 

They consider social media too

Many blog name generators will check domain name availability and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For branding purposes, you want your domain and social media handles to correlate.  

They save precious time

A blog name generator will give you loads of blog name suggestions in just a few seconds. 

What to Look for in the Best Blog Name Generator

There are countless blog name generators on the internet, so make sure to choose one with the following factors.

Unique Name Generator

Choose a platform that offers a name generator that can spill out creative domain names based on various factors. The best blog name generators will use clever hacks to generate unique blog names that you can use.

Plagiarism Check

Choose a blog name generator that only gives you domain names that are not already taken. It is very frustrating to discover the perfect domain name to find out it is already registered to another owner. 

Safe and Secure to Use

A good blog name generator should not force you to enter personal information before giving you the results. If they do, find another platform.

SEO Optimization

A blog name generator that can find you an exact or partial match keyword-based domain will give you an SEO advantage. After all, you want to be found easily by your target audience.

A good blog name generator will have a comprehensive list of popular words that will give you hundreds of domain name options to choose between. It should provide you with different combinations using synonyms, prefixes, suffixes, and more.

The Best Blog Name Generators

If you type “best blog name generators” into Google, you will find hundreds of results. We have narrowed down the top five best blog name generators to make your life a bit easier!

Shopify – Most creative names

Shopify has many valuable tools for online small business owners, including its business name generation tool. It is probably the most popular blog name generator on the market. 

It functions a bit differently than other tools on this list in that it searches for registered business names, not domain names.

The Shopify blog name generator is much more creative than many other tools. It also directs you to create a Shopify store just after deciding on your domain name.

One thing that is not ideal is that you can’t register a domain name without using the Shopify store.

This tool is best for those who want to start a Shopify store.

The Shopify blog name generator is free, but once you pick the name, the site refers to Shopify, where you purchase your store and blog.

4 Stars

LeanDomainSearch – The best “.com” blog names

LeanDomainSearch is one of the top blog name generators because all results are available with .com domains.

We love how LeanDomainSearch allows you to search for multiple domain names with a single keyword. The tool lets you filter the domain names alphabetically by length and popularity. You can also share the search results if you want a business partner or friend to give some feedback on the choices.

One drawback is that you can only see .com extensions when using LeanDomainSearch.

This blog name generator is best for those who are only interested in .com extensions for their blog. 

It is free to use LeanDomainSearch. Once you pick the name, the site refers you to either Bluehost or WordPress, where you can register and purchase the domain name.

4 Stars

Nameboy searches for blog names based on keywords. It is unique in that you fill out a primary description and an optional secondary description. Then, you specify if you want hyphens or rhymes included. Once you decide on a name, you add it to your cart. 

Nameboy offers a wealth of features that help with finding, registering and maintaining a domain name. 

Nameboy is best for those who value a solid reputation. It is the oldest and most popular blog name generator in the world.

It is free to use the Nameboy tool. Once you pick the name, the site refers you to a site where you can register and purchase the domain name.

5 Stars

Panabee – Simple and fun to use 

If you love simplicity, you will love Panabee. Panabee is one of the most easy-to-use name generators online. All you do is enter a keyword or two, and Panabee automatically merges the words, adds characters, or spells the words backward to come up with a unique name.

The biggest pro of Panabee is that it checks the social media availability of your desired domain name so that you get consistency across all channels for your brand name. 

Some users feel like Panabee does not offer as many domain name suggestions as other platforms.

Panabee is best for those who love an appealing design, speed, and ease-of-use

It’s free. We went onto the website, and it is straightforward and fun to use!

4.5 Stars

Let The Names Begin!

Getting assistance from blog name generators will help you to create a unique blog name. A good blog name is essential and plays a huge part of your online identity.  Don’t get bogged down in brainstorming the perfect name. Instead, choose one of our top blog name generators to produce a memorable and high-quality blog name for you.