In the ever-changing landscape of market volatility, it’s crucial to help your users make informed investment decisions. With Benzinga’s Movers API, you can effortlessly showcase the biggest gainers and losers of the day, empowering your users with valuable insights.

Seamless Integration, Powerful Results

Integrating our Movers API into your brokerage or platform enables you to present a curated list of the most significant stock movements. Easily filterable by volume, these movers can be displayed in a user-friendly list format. You can leverage this information not only for investment guidance but also as a valuable engagement tool. Seamlessly incorporate this data into newsletters, emails, or push notifications related to user holdings or watchlists, enhancing user interaction and satisfaction.

Efficient Search and Filtering

Save your users valuable time by providing them with our advanced search and filtering capabilities. Our API allows users to swiftly and effortlessly discover the market movers that matter to them, eliminating the need to sift through irrelevant data. With just a few clicks, they can uncover the most relevant stocks to focus on, gaining a competitive edge in their investment strategies.

Percentage move is just the beginning. Complementing our Movers API, Benzinga’s Why is it Moving dataset provides a concise summary of why a stock is moving beyond its normal intraday range. By combining the power of our Movers API with our Why is it Moving API, you can not only showcase which stocks are moving and to what extent but also provide the reasoning behind the move. Empower your users with comprehensive insights that go beyond the surface, helping them understand the dynamics driving the market.

Many users ask themselves every day: What moved today, and why? With Benzinga’s comprehensive Movers API, you can help your users find the information they need to make informed decisions. Whether it’s for research, analysis, or staying up-to-date, our APIs are the key to delivering unparalleled market insights.

Explore our documentation for further information on how to integrate the Movers API – if you’d like to discuss with our team, please email