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To teach and empower students to learn how to profit from the recognition of important levels and trends in the markets. All Benzinga Trading School courses are taught using real-time action in the market, putting you in real-world trading situations while you learn.

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The Benzinga Process

Benzinga School is designed like an accelerated college course on trading.

Build a Foundation of Knowledge

Take the classes, study properly, learn through live trading

Practice & Hone Your Skills

Test your skills by making trades and getting live feedback

Develop Your Trading Strategy

Whether it's day trading or swing trading, refine your own strategies through our guidance

Get Ongoing Mentoring to Increase Profitability

The learning process never ends. Get daily and weekly market analysis + live analysis & trade ideas

What You Get With Your Membership

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College Style Classes

Live classes online Monday - Friday going through the course lessons, real time market examples and quizzes to test your knowledge

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Daily Web Sessions

Get live market analysis with trade ideas and real time analysis showing you how to trade stocks

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Member Chat Room

Connect with traders globally all sharing trade ideas and focusing on how to profit from the market. Never trade alone

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Office Hours With a Professional Trader

Got questions? Get answers from a former Wall Street Broker, hedge fund trader and 20 year professional

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Full access to Benzinga Pro

Get access to a professional grade tool giving you the top movers of the day, real time news and market analysis

Gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to find and make profitable trades.

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Education for Modern Retail Traders

Avoid outdated and incomplete modes of trading education. All Benzinga Trading School courses are taught using real-time action in the market, putting you in real-world trading situations while you learn -- and connecting you with the technology you need to succeed.

Week 1

01. introduction

This class explains how to get started and how institutional traders view the markets.

02. levels

In financial markets some price levels are more important than others. Being able to identify which one is the most important rule of trading. This lesson teaches you how to do so.

03. trends

Markets are always doing one of three things. They are either trending higher, lower, or sideways. The trends class teaches you how to recognize which trends are important.

04. momentum

The momentum class covers how to identify and understand the momentum that is driving the trends.

Week 2

05. chart patterns

When trends are about to change, the action can for certain price patterns on the chart. The charts lesson teaches you how to identify and understand the supply and demand dynamics that the pattern illustrates.

06. psychology

Understanding investment psychology is an important yet overlooked part of successful trading and investing. This class teaches you how to navigate the complexities of your emotional mind during trading.

07. principles, analysis, and sentiment

This lesson teaches you how to apply the principles and ideas of the preceding classes to the market.

08. investment strategy

This class will teach you how to build your own successful trading models.

Learn from Our Experts


Mark Putrino

CMT, Lead Market Technician at Benzinga
Instructor: Mark Putrino


  • Traded directly for Steve Cohen and Mario Gabelli
  • Head of trading at three institutional money managers
  • Master’s Degree in Finance – New York University
  • Long-time member of the Market Technicians Association
  • Charted Market Technician (CMT)
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