2022 Data Market Predictions | Benzinga

Thomas Cotter

As new accounts stabilize, the intermediate trader will come into the limelight. 

Here are Benzinga’s 2022 Data Market Predictions:

1.) Advanced Analytics will take Priority 📊

As 2021 came to a close, Benzinga saw a rise in demand for higher-level datasets such as options data, insider/government transactions, and company fundamentals.

The wave of new users that entered the market in 2020 and 2021 will begin graduating from basic information to more specific, advanced data that fits their specific investment theses.

2.) Quality over Quantity 🏆

The days of web crawling and aggregation may be coming to an end as users are becoming more sensitive to noise and repetition.

Manual content, such as topics researched and written by in-house editorial teams, is becoming a requirement for the dominating retail brokerages and super apps.

3.) UI/UX 🖼

Datasets such as corporate logos and company descriptions are gaining traction.  These endpoints are primarily leveraged to create a visibly appealing company details page.

Brokerages are doubling down on their client experience – platforms that are easy to use, and look at, are quickly taking market share.

With the roll-out of three additional datasets in 2022, Benzinga has pledged to dedicate additional time and resources towards building a robust and thriving FinTech community. We are continuing to live our mission of democratizing the financial world through efforts like these – stay tuned for what’s next in 2022 and beyond!

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