3 Workspaces for Benzinga Pro

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When you initially open Benzinga Pro, you can create as many workspaces as you’d like. Get inspiration for your own workspace to get started in Benzinga Pro. These workspaces are great for any trader, from beginner to advanced!

Workspace 1: Main Feed

When to use: When you’re looking for news catalysts and to know why stocks are moving. 

First, open a blank workspace, then open the Movers, Detail, Newsfeed and Signals tools. Now that your workspace is set up, you can modify the settings to your liking.

The Movers tool will help you quickly find the biggest gainers and/or losers of the day. You can change the session, time period, sector, market cap and price. You can set the Movers tool to 15 minute time period to find the quick movers, but you can choose whatever works best for you and your trading strategy. Once you’ve set up your filters, you can click the blue bar that says “Applied Filters” to collapse the settings and only see the list of Movers. 

Having the Details tool is helpful so when you click on a symbol, you can immediately see the details on just that stock. You don’t need to change anything to this tool, but you can either click on a ticker in another tool or search for the ticker in Details to pull up its information. 

In the Newsfeed, you can modify it to your needs as a trader to get the news that you’re looking for. Next, choose what sources you want in your feed. Benzinga recommends keeping the default sources of Benzinga Signals and Benzinga Wire, and add in Press Releases to the Newsfeed. If you want, you can change the colors of each of the sources to easily identify them in the Newsfeed. 

You can keep the Newsfeed filtered just like that, or filter by your Watchlist or sectors if you’d like to refine the Newsfeed a little more. Benzinga Pro also has over 50 watchlists you can choose from to import into your own Watchlist. 

The last tool to set up filters is the Signal tool. Benzinga recommends selecting all Signals. For highs and lows, select the 52-week filter so the Signals tool doesn’t get too clogged up. This tool will alert you to unusual options, block trades, price spikes, and more. 

Main Workspace in Benzinga Pro

Video: Main Workspace Setup 

Workspace 2: Earnings Monitor 

When to use: During earnings season to monitor stock performance and capture opportunities. 

For this workspace, you’ll want to open up a Newsfeed, Details, and Calendar tool. Next, we need to set up each of these tools for the earnings season. 

In Newsfeed, select Benzinga Signals and Benzinga Wire as the sources. Similar to the previous setup, you can choose to color code the sources. Next, in the Newsfeed search bar, search for the keyword: eps

This stands for earnings-per-share, one of the metrics companies report during their earnings report. 

Next, select the categories filter and check the News and Guidance categories. Now, the Newsfeed will show you a real-time feed of earnings news. 

You can use the Details tool to find all the information you need to know about a stock when you click or search for its ticker. 

Finally, it’s time to set up the Calendar. Select the Earnings calendar at the top of the tool.

If you only want to see earnings for the day, select the date box and choose today’s date. Benzinga recommends looking at today’s date or the entire week.  

This tool contains a lot of information, so you can eliminate some of the columns by clicking the Columns tab on the right side. Here’s what Benzinga recommends unchecking: 

  • Time announced 
  • Name 
  • Exchange 
  • Period
  • Confirmed
  • Importance 
Earnings Workspace in Benzinga Pro

Video: Earnings Monitor Workspace

Layout 3: Signals Alert Layout

When to Use: When you want to be alerted to signals like block trades and halts. 

This workspace is designed to alert you to signals like block trades and halts. You can keep it on in the background with push notifications set up so you can save screen space and focus on your main layout. 

Open up two Newsfeeds and one Signals tool to set up the workspace. 

In both Newsfeeds, filter each so the only source selected is Benzinga Signals. In the first Newsfeed, search for the keyword block. The second Newsfeed allows you to easily look for news related to a stock you might find in the Newsfeed or Signals tool. Once you find a ticker, in your block trade Newsfeed or Signals tool, you can search for the ticker in the second Newsfeed. 

Next, in the Signals tool, select price spikes, block trades, and halt/resume. You’ll also want to click notifications and choose desktop notifications.

Turning on notifications allows you to save screen space, so when you see something that you want to dive into, you can switch over from your main workspace over to the Signal Alert workspace. 

Signals Alert Workspace

Video: Signals Alerts Workspace

Final Thoughts

While you’re not limited to these workspaces, these are a great way to start. These are only recommendations, and you can change them up however you want to make them fit your trading strategy. Click here for three more workspaces you can build in Benzinga Pro.

If you haven’t started a trial to Benzinga Pro yet, you can test these workspaces out with a free, two-week trial.

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