3 More Workspaces for Benzinga Pro

Tue Jun 14, 2022, 12:28 pm | by Azhar Khan | No comments

Looking for Benzinga Pro workspace inspiration? You’re in luck! Here are three great workspaces you can create inside of Benzinga Pro so you can set yourself up for success. 

Use these workspaces as a guide to set up your layouts, and feel free to make any modifications you need. In this guide, we’ll highlight the following workspaces: 

  • SEC Filings 
  • Institutional Activity 
  • Customizable Sector Monitor 

SEC Filings Workspace

When to Use: When You Want to Monitor SEC Filings

The SEC Filings Workspace is an easy way you can find SEC filings without clogging up your main workspace. It’s quick and simple to set it up—here’s how to do it: 

Open up one Newsfeed and select SEC and Press Releases as your sources. You may want to choose to color code these sources to differentiate them, but you don’t have to. 

While the SEC source will give you all the filings, including the Press Releases can help connect the dots between the stock and the SEC filing form—and sometimes, the press release is sent before the filing itself.

From here, it’s up to you! You can leave it as is, or filter by keywords, such as a specific company or SEC form. 

A couple of examples of SEC forms include: 

  • Form 4 (Insider Trading)
  • Form 10-K (Annual, comprehensive financial performance summary)
  • Schedule 13D (Beneficial ownership >5%)
SEC Filings Workspace

Institutional Activity Workspace

When to Use: When You Want to See What “The Big Guys” Are Up to 

Want the inside scoop on what the big institutional investors are trading? This workspace is for you. Here’s how to set it up: 

  • Open up three Newsfeeds in one workspace
  • For all the Newsfeeds, make sure the only source selected is SEC 
  • In the first Newsfeed, enter the keyword formsc13g
  • Enter the keyword formsc13d in the second Newsfeed.
  • Use the keyword form13f for the third Newsfeed.

Formsc13g is for the SEC Form Schedule 13G. This is a beneficial ownership report and an alternative to a Schedule 13D form. When someone’s stock ownership is over 5% of the company’s total stock value, a Schedule 13G is filed. Shorter than a Schedule 13D, the filer needs to meet one exemption to file it over a 13D. 

Speaking of a Schedule 13D, that that the Newsfeed shows for the keyword formsc13d. Like the Schedule 13G, this is a beneficial ownership report when someone’s stock ownership is over 5% of the total value of the company. It is up to the beneficial owner to file the form within 10 days, not the company. 

The keyword form13f is for a 13F form. It is a quarterly report required for institutional investment managers with $100 million or more in managed assets. This informs you of what they are holding and invested in. The intent of these forms is for transparency, however, these forms are not fact-checked and may not always be filed truthfully. 

Now that you have your Newsfeeds set up, you can now monitor the feeds for new information, as well as click on any posts that interest you to read the full SEC form. 

This workspace helps you see what the institutional investors and famous investors have a stake in. 

Institutional Investor Workspace

Sector Monitor Workspaces for Benzinga Pro

When to Use: When You Want to Monitor a Specific Sector, Such as Healthcare

This workspace is for when you want to monitor a specific sector. To begin, open up a new workspace with the Watchlist, Details and Newsfeed page. 

First, you’re going to need a watchlist. If you already have a sector watchlist you would like to use, then you are already one step ahead. If you don’t have one just yet, you can make one yourself or import one of Benzinga’s watchlists. You can find 50+ watchlists by clicking here

After you create or import your watchlist to the Watchlist tool, you will filter the Newsfeed with the following criteria: 

  • Benzinga Wire Source
  • Benzinga Signals Source 
  • Press Releases Source 
  • Your Sector Watchlist 
Sector Monitor Workspace featuring Airlines

Final Thoughts  

The options are limitless when it comes to creating Benzinga Pro workspaces. These workspaces for SEC filings, institutional investors and sector monitors are just a few of the options you can create.

If you’re looking for more, check out our original 3 Workspaces for Benzinga Pro and Biotech Stock Monitor Layout for more inspiration. 

If you haven’t tried Benzinga Pro yet, click here to start your free, two-week trial!

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