How to Use the Benzinga Pro Calendar Tool

Mon Jun 13, 2022, 08:28 pm | by Azhar Khan | No comments

Are you using the Benzinga Pro Calendar tool to its full potential? More than just a Calendar, it’s a way to get a day-by-day overview of a ton of economic data and happenings, from options, to analyst ratings, to earnings, retail sales, and more. Get ready to strengthen your trading strategy by learning how to use the Benzinga Pro Calendar tool.

How to Use the Benzinga Pro Calendar

Open up a new workspace and select the Calendar tool. This tool helps you find important information happening in the markets. 

 The Calendar tool offers more than just an overview of a stock calendar. The current Calendars on Benzinga Pro include:

  • Analyst Ratings – Calendar of analyst ratings. 
  • Conference Calls – Directory of company conference calls, usually after earnings are announced. 
  • Dividends – When companies are issuing dividends
  • Earnings – Earnings season calendar
  • Economics – Economic data from around the world, such as crude oil inventories. 
  • Guidance – Company estimates of future earnings. 
  • IPOs – Companies that are holding an initial public offering. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions – Companies that have been merged or acquired. 
  • Retail Sales – Measures the retail spending in the U.S., signals trends in consumer spending. 
  • SEC Filings – SEC filings in calendar form. 
  • Secondary Offerings – When a company offers shares after they’ve had an IPO. 
  • Splits – Stock split calendar. 
  • Unusual Options Activity – Unusual options activity alerts 

Note: When you open Calendar, it will default to the earnings calendar.

At the top of the tool, you can choose what Benzinga Pro Calendar you want, and choose your timeframe.

Earnings Calendar

The earnings Benzinga Pro Calendar will give you a list of all the companies reporting their quarterly earnings for the time period selected.

 The earnings Calendar reports: 

  • Announcement date
  • If earnings will be released before the market opens or after market close
  • Name and ticker symobl
  • The quarter that is being reported 
  • Estimated earnings per share
  • Estimated revenue 

If the company has already reported, you will have confirmed earnings per share, revenue, and the surprise. Additionally, the confirmed date will tell you if the earnings announcement has been confirmed by the company. Benzinga forecasts when a company is expected to announce earnings, and updates accordingly once the company makes a confirmation. 

 You can customize what is being reported on your calendar, and remove whatever isn’t important to you. This reduces noise and lets you focus on what you need for your trading strategy. 

Earnings Calendar in Benzinga Pro

Analyst Ratings Calendar

Another great calendar in Benzinga Pro is the Analyst Ratings Calendar. This will show you all of the analyst ratings issued during the time period selected at the top of the tool. 

The columns in this tool include: 

  • Date and Time 
  • Symbol and Name of Company 
  • Analyst 
  • Analyst Name 
  • Action (Maintain, Upgrade, Downgrade, Initiates) 
  • Prior Rating, if applicable 
  • New Rating 
  • Action Price (Announces, Raises, Lowers) 
  • Prior Price Target
  • New Price Target 

Once again, all these columns are customizable so you can keep what you want, and remove what you don’t. 

Analyst Ratings Calendar in Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro Economics Calendar

Another Calendar to highlight is the Economics Calendar. This calendar will show you economic events from all around the world.

Something to note is the importance column—this is something the Benzinga newsdesk designates to help you figure out which economic figures you should pay attention to the most. 

Economic Calendar in Benzinga Pro

Unusual Options Activity Calendar

Unusual Options Activity is a premium add-on feature to Benzinga Pro. This Calendar gives you a look into all the unusual options trades that have occurred. This will show you the following data for the unusual options: 

  • Symbol 
  • Put or Call 
  • Trade or Sweep 
  • Expiration Date 
  • Days to Expiration 
  • Strike Price 
  • Size 
  • Total Trade Price 
  • Option Price 
  • Volume 
  • Volume/Open Interest
Unusual Options Activity Calendar in Benzinga Pro

Final Thoughts

Don’t underestimate the Calendar—it’s a great tool that can help you access financial data in an organized way. In this blog post, we highlighted just a few of the Calendars you can use to access data like world economic figures, earnings, and analyst ratings.

To learn how to trade using the Calendar tool, check out our free course, How to Trade with Benzinga Pro.  If you haven’t yet, click here to start your free, two-week trial of Benzinga Pro to get started.

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