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Overview Stocktrak is a paper trading platform utilized by universities and retail investors. They are one ofthe largest educational trading platforms in the US with over 60,000 students and 1,000professors. Users are able to trade futures, options, equities, bonds and mutual funds. Trades aremade using real time quote data and users have a set paper


Direction First Paper Trading

Direction First service provides daily trading suggestions and paper trades in the markets via ETFs and stocks. The Direction First team produces trade ideas, commentary, weekly reports on the stock, bond, commodity and currency markets. Their winning strategy has a performance of 244% over four years. Paper Trades Data descriptions Date Datestamp Description Company name


Closing Bell

Gain insight into how the retail space is ranking and trading stocks through the ClosingBell interactions API. Closing Bell delivers an aggregated feed of social ranking across the US equity universe. Meta-data is also available, including users following a specific equity and views of a specific equity. The dataset includes over 100,000 ratings from 4,000

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