Every evening and overnight Trade Ideas conducts the ‘Quantitative Combine’ that performs over a million simulated trades. Every morning before the open, Holly’s output displays what trades she made & the reasons why for each trade. The entry & exit prices are also displayed as well as the theoretical hold time. Trade ideas maintains a track record of identifying successful opportunities in the market, especially in volatile times.

Data dictionary


String that uniquely identifies the trade across the trade set.


Ticker symbol of the trade


The entry date and time for the trade.


The price that the trade was entered.


The exit date and time for the trade.


The price at which the trade was exited. This along with the entry_price field are used to determine the value of the profit field.

Download full data dictionary

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets.  These files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.