• Delivery Frequency/Timezone:

    Daily, EST

  • History:

    Metals-November, 2011, Market News - April, 2011, ETF - January, 2011, Holdings - June, 2014, Stock Options - June, 2013, Preferred stock - October, 2012 , Energy stock - October 2011, Canada stock - June 2012, Dividend - Sep 2010

  • Coverage:

    Russell 3000

  • Format:


News feed with the following topics covered and mapped to tickers; dividend channel, ETF channel, Stock channel, Options channel, canada Stock channel, Energy Stock channel, Holdings channel, Metals channel, and the Preferred Stock channel

Data dictionary – Format is a classic RSS feed format


Tag per file containing the story within it


Tag containing the headline


Any description used for /teaser


Tag is a unique identifier for the story


Symbols are listed in the category tag. (example: <category domain=”stock-symbol”>LNKD</category>)


Entire body of content can be found here

Download full data dictionary

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets.  These files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.