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Trubeta is a proprietary metric that leverages intraday pricing data, multiple historical data frames, and machine learning to estimate forward-looking market beta. It is designed to be responsive to current market movements to deliver a more accurate assessment of market risk. Data field descriptions Equities   date Date in yyyy-mm-dd format ticker Current exchange ticker



LikeFolio analyzes social media data from Twitter to spot shifts and trends in consumer spending behavior on Main Street before it becomes news on Wall Street. Purchase Intent Mentions are tweets that indicate the author has either just spent money on the product or is planning to spend money on the product in the near



Kai is a AI-based analytical model which provides predictions on stock performance through scoring parameters (0-9) Examples of this analysis include; Financial statement information including sales, net income, and EBITDA Score including the Z-score, F-score, and M-score Ratios including capital to long-term debt, ROA and ROE The model’s scoring output is based on the company’s

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