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Overview By providing commodity breakdowns for rail traffic; Railshare has become the industry supplier for all materials transported by individual carriers. Railshare includes all carload traffic split by individual company and aggregated. Carload  is also divided between economically sensitive commodities (cyclical) and those less affected by the business cycle (baseline), so that users can derive



Macrowonk delivers a sentiment by country view. There are 7 indicators (surprise, sentiment, leading, growth, inflation, employment & housing) for the countries covered. Each indicator has a corresponding trend indicator. These are a simple way to quantify when the indicator is in an uptrend ( > 0) or a downtrend (<0). Data descriptions Macro sentiment



Overview FreightWaves SONAR ingests data from over 150 sources, including key economic, fundamental, transactional, and pricing data-sets that are then created into proprietary logistics indices to help users understand the current and future state of the freight market Data descriptions Index Name Granularity Description CASS Freight Index – Expenditures USA Overall North American freight expenditures



Overview The FXStreet allows investors to track the economic performance of a state, country or region, as well as make forecasts about upcoming performance. The FXStreet economic calendar not only lists daily events, but the volatility levels attached to them. A volatility level refers to the likelihood that a specific event will impact the markets.

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