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The fine wine and spirits industry was valued at around $229.4 billion in 2021. To put that into perspective, the entire Hollywood film industry is worth about $91 billion.

But that’s not the end of it. Some estimates predict that the fine wine and spirits industry could grow to $414.8 billion by 2031, mainly because the insatiable Asian markets are quickly developing a taste for luxury drinks. It used to take a fortune to own premium bottles, but right now, $2,500 is enough to get started.

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Making the world’s finest wines and whiskeys requires a lot of patience and skill, and a number of factors limit the amount made. Burgundy’s vineyards can produce only so much wine in a year. The same goes for any region famous for its wine or whiskey.

The scarcity consequently impacts prices, and with every uncorked bottle, they goes up. Affluent wine collectors have been taking advantage of this scarcity for hundreds of years and making billions of dollars in the process. They buy a wine collection from a particular year, hold on to it for some period and then sell it for profit.

Vint has adopted the same model, with one major caveat: It allows you to profit off the booming fine wine and spirits market even if you’re not an expert. The company offers shares of wine collections and whiskey casks curated by experts.

Each potential offering undergoes a rigorous vetting process that pinpoints the most promising collections and casks. Vint also makes sure to sell the collection at an optimal moment and when it does, each investor gets their initial investment back with the proceeds.

To date, this has been done over 60 times. One Bordeaux Classics collection made its investors 29.98% in profits after 610 days. A similar scenario unfolded with the Champagne Start collection that earned investors 24.25% in returns after 497 days. The Napa Valley collection, however, came on top with a 39.04% return after a 282-day hold.

Profits like these are likely here to stay, no matter what happens on the global financial scene. The Liv-ex 1000 Fine Wine index fell by only 1% in 2008, showcasing fine wine’s low correlation with other asset classes.

New unsold collections and casks are available on Vint and you can get started on the platform simply by entering your email.

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