New Homebuilding Startup Could Be ‘At The Right Place, At The Right Time’ To Shock California’s Real Estate Market With Its Fire-Proof Solution — It Sells At $5 Per Share

Last year was the hottest since record keeping began in 1880. Land is getting drier, and arid regions like a huge portion of California are turning into living hell every couple of years. August Complex, the largest wildfire in the state’s history, scorched over 1 million acres in 2020 and claimed one life. The Camp Fire of 2018 claimed 85 and consumed 18,804 structures.  

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As Californian homes are mostly made of wood, they become matchsticks when faced with a 1,400° Fahrenheit inferno. One startup has created homes that can withstand that heat and other elements. They could dot Southern California as years get warmer and even spread to other regions. You have the opportunity to invest in it beforehand

More than 2.7 million Californians live in "very high fire hazard severity zones." This number could increase as the population increases and fires get more severe. A more durable home is needed. NileBuilt Corp. has created a home that uses patented fiber-composite reinforced concrete instead of wood as the main construction material, making it much more fire-resistant. But that’s only scratching the surface. NileBuilt homes are the sustainable answer to California’s alarming housing shortfall.

The company's homes are fully self-sustainable, carbon-neutral and developed with the first noncombustible building system engineered specifically to combat the threat of California wildfires.

NileBuilt’s innovation extends beyond material choice. The company conducts fully decentralized on-site manufacturing, sidestepping the need for high-cost factory production and transportation. This approach also prevents supply chain issues and cost fluctuations associated with wood and paves the way for rapid scalability.

NileBuilt has approved patents that took two generations and 43 years to develop. This is not a piece of interesting trivia but a significant edge over the competition largely bogged down by sustainability requirements. They struggle to adapt as it often requires major changes in the business model. However, NileBuilt’s homes are made to be sustainable and quick to build. More importantly, they cost about as much as ordering a stick-built construction, which will likely be welcomed by Californians looking to own instead of rent.

According to some estimates, California has a shortfall of 3.5 million homes. In a landscape where big homebuilders are struggling to meet demand, a player like NileBuilt could cause major disruption and carve a significant slice of the market for itself and its investors. At only $5 per share, it’s worth exploring the option to add its shares to your portfolio.

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