Long Overdue Disruption In The Moving Industry Is Underway – Here’s How To Invest In It With $100

If you need a ride, you open an app. If you’re hungry, you open an app. If you want a book delivered to your door, you open an app. But the moving industry is still stuck in the 1990s. 

Moving still requires a series of phone calls and coordination that make the experience painful. Not to mention, part of the friction is the trust and professionalism of the movers. In an era dominated by apps, this presents an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt and scale quickly. And you can invest in a technology platform looking to do just that.


Muvr is a Los Angeles-based startup that could be on the brink of a revolution in the moving, furniture delivery and junk cleanup industry.

Although it has only been around for less than a year, it’s already turning a profit. One of the major reasons is that it offers a simple solution to a problem nobody wants to spend time on, and cracks the code of delivering superior quality of service. Users can open the Muvr app and book a moving crew that will take care of their stuff with utmost care and professionalism.

Offering a simple solution to a universal problem has already made billions for investors who recognized DoorDash Inc.’s, Uber Technologies Inc.’s and Amazon.com Inc.’s potential early on. But Muvr’s competitive edge over traditional solutions is probably greater than those companies initially had.

Using an app to get a ride saves you a minute you would need to call a taxi or hail it on the street. But using Muvr saves you hours of time and stress. Nothing speaks to this more clearly than how quickly its users are recommending it to their friends on the company’s home turf. Muvr launched in Los Angeles and got 90% of its customers through word-of-mouth. That kind of unpaid reach is what every budding startup dreams about.

Treating Gig Workers With The Respect They Deserve

A growing customer base is only one piece of the puzzle. Going the extra mile to make workers happy is equally important. Muvr depends on gig workers, who are used to being under at-will contracts. Consequently, they switch jobs as soon as another company offers slightly better pay. Muvr is different.

Founder and CEO Rico Suarez worked as a mover and experienced first-hand what it's like to be unappreciated. That’s why he and his team created a system that motivates workers to give their best. Their compensation can go into the six figures, which is already making the company extremely competitive in the labor market. Muvr is getting 25 new worker sign-ups per day, entirely through word-of-mouth. It can select the best and retain them, providing its customers with unparalleled service.

Looking Far Ahead

Muvr mainly targets moving, furniture delivery and junk removal, but it's appetites go beyond. The company targets various related industries like furniture dropshipping, courier services, mobile advertising and more. All the industries the company can cover are worth a combined hundreds of billions of dollars, especially considering that Muvr isn’t just seeking to penetrate the U.S. market, but also European and South American markets. Suarez has an ace in his pocket that will likely aid in that expansion. He also has over 1 million engaged followers on social media, which grants free advertising to an eager audience.

At the moment, you have an opportunity to invest in Muvr while it's still in its early days with as little as $100.

Click here to invest in Muvr.  

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