Marcus & Millichap-Backed Platform Makes It Easy to Invest in Real Estate

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Collect passive income from real estate without becoming a landlord. Invest in real estate with as little as $5,000 on a platform that’s paid more than $400 million in distributions to investors.

With over $570 million in funding completed on the platform and more than $418 million in distributions paid to investors, Marcus & Millichap-backed EquityMultiple is helping investors build wealth through streamlined access to diverse real estate investment products.

EquityMultiple’s product offerings, which have attracted over 48,000 registered investors to-date, are very easy to understand. It curates real estate investments based on three strategies and objectives – Keep, Earn, and Grow. The Keep strategy is a yield-focused cash management tool designed for savings; The Earn strategy focuses on real estate investments that will generate near-term income; and the Grow strategy is focused on investing in real estate for growth.

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EquityMultiple's flagship fund – the Ascent Income Fund – is also open to investors. The Ascent Income Fund falls under its Earn strategy and makes use of a private REIT structure, investing in diversified real estate debt positions. As of December 2023, the Ascent Income Fund has delivered 13.1% net historical distributed yield. 

Accredited investors can join EquityMultiple and start investing with as little as $5,000.

Real estate returns have historically outpaced the stock market, with less volatility. Investors on EquityMultiple benefit from decades of experience in the real estate market as their team brings industry-leading diligence, investment selection, asset management, and investor support. Here’s how their process works:

  • EquityMultiple sources potential investments from a nationwide network of experienced real estate firms.
  • EquityMultiple’s team applies proprietary algorithms and underwriting methodologies, selecting just 5% of the investments evaluated.
  • A team with decades of real estate transaction experience works to protect your principal and maximize returns.
  • Investors build a diversified portfolio of cash-flowing, professionally managed real estate.

Investors can get started in minutes – it’s that easy.

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You can invest in these properties today and start receiving distributions as soon as next quarter.

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