Learn to Dominate with Options in a Volatile Market

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Saturday April 18, 2020

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10:00 AM

Master of Ceremonies Opening Remarks and Kickoff Presentation


Founder RealLifeTrading.com, Author of Money Grows OnTrees
11:20 AM


11:30 AM

How to Use Options to Give You a Edge in Trading

Options show us both momentum in individual names as well as overall sentiment of the market. To bullish and ripe for a pull back? To bearish and ready for a short squeeze? This presentation will cover how I use option flow to take higher probability trades every day and gauge how much overall exposure I should have to the markets.

Mike Pisani

CEOSmart Option Trading
12:30 PM

How the Top 1% Trade Options & Why the Greeks Don’t Matter

While working at the top investment banks and a top hedge fund, I spent my whole Wall Street career advising, trading against, and dealing with the Top 1% of investors. I know how they think, what they look for, and how they trade options. It’s unlike anything available to you in the market. I’ve left Wall Street with a mission to change the conversation from the Black-Scholes formula, the Greeks, and Implied Volatility to more relevant concepts like Risk Reward, Probabilities and odds. So, if you are looking to trade options like the Top 1%, then you don’t want to miss this.


Creator & FounderOptionsGeek.com
2:30 PM

Day Trading During the Stock Market Crash

See how I used the same strategies for finding the right stocks to trade and managing risk that helped me turn $583 into over $1,000,000 during the market crash in March 2020"


OwnerWarrior Trading
3:30 PM

How to Consistently Grow A Small Account

Please join the Option-Centric Don Kaufman as he takes you through the logic and criteria of utilizing defined risk in/out spreads in an effort to increase your probability of profitability while reducing overall market exposure. Don will detail how these versatile spreads can provide a higher probability approach while defining your risk without the use of stop orders!

Don Kaufman

4:30 PM

Unbalanced Volatility

The presentation is going to focus on the unusual volatility in the marketplace and building a “safer” VIX trade that offers a more friendly risk to reward ratio credit spread. This trade takes advantage of the wild moves in volatility and the historic levels presented in previous market uncertainty. As seen in the past (TOS charts will be provided in the presentation) the VIX has a history of fading as investor and trader sentiment in the marketplace absorbs the impact of unexpected events through-out history. While the events may last for a long period of time, the initial uncertainty and spike in the VIX fades as the market comes to terms with the risk climate and this is our opportunity to trade the VIX. Due to the unusual skew conditions, a “typical” credit spread would be hazardous. The trade we will present is shaped with a more balanced risk to reward, keeping the credit received and the risk in the trade closer to a 1:1. Due to backwardation in the /VX futures contracts, we know where the forward (future) price of the VIX is being priced right now and we use that in our strike selection (with a TOS label indicator for download in the presentation).

Michael Bolin

ModeratorBullish Bears

Winning In a Volatile Market

How many opportunities have you missed over the past year because you weren’t confident in your strategy, your tools, or your instincts?

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Learn to Trade Options From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Our mission with this all-day Boot Camp is to give thousands of traders like you FREE access to trading and options strategies that will transform the way you attack this market. 

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Live Access To Benzinga Options Boot Camp
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Options Trading Strategy Guides


Live Access To Benzinga Options Boot Camp
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Complete Video Library: Benzinga Options Boot Camp
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