The 2016 Benzinga Fintech Awards: Get Your Own Personalized Portfolio

For the second year in a row, Benzinga is proud to host the Benzinga Fintech Awards, dedicated to recognizing the most innovative companies in the world of fintech. In anticipation of the May 24 gala, we’re introducing you to those companies that will be in attendance.

For more information on submitting your company, voting for the finalists or attending the event, click here.

Continuing our series, Benzinga presents MyVest, a company dedicated to producing personalized portfolios for their clients.

Benzinga: Why did you start your company?

MyVest: MyVest was founded to secure the financial future of more families by enabling their advisors to provide truly personalized wealth management at scale. The founding vision was to make the best practices in wealth management, usually available to only the wealthiest investors, available to all investors and their advisors through technology that could scale those techniques.

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Benzinga: What do you think makes your offering unique in the fintech space? Do you have any close competition?

MyVest: MyVest is unique in fintech for our ability to automate the end-to-end delivery of personalized portfolios at scale. These are portfolios that are holistic in covering all members and accounts of a household, employ tax-aware rebalancing incorporating a variety of tax management techniques and are personalized reflecting the circumstances of each client. We do this end-to-end from client proposals, through monitoring and rebalancing, to trade order management, performance reporting and billing.

We’re also unique in that we power this capability within both traditional wealth management firms with complex needs and newer digital wealth startups that are redefining investment advice.

Benzinga: What’s one thing you want users to remember your company by?

MyVest: The summary of all this is that MyVest enables personalized portfolios at scale.

Benzinga: How do you help people make money?

MyVest: By automating the daily management of very sophisticated portfolios, we enable advisors to spend more time with clients and prospects while gathering new assets. We also allow them to transform their practice – adding scale while enhancing personalized service – and to mitigate risk by reducing human error and portfolio drift, which in turn leads to higher levels of client satisfaction and client referrals.

Benzinga: Do you offer investors any unique data points that can help their trading/investing decisions?

MyVest: Yes, we have a unique rebalancing engine that optimizes portfolio drift, tax impact, trade materiality and client personalizations to generate trading recommendations for each client’s portfolio. With this, advisors can manage their portfolios by exception, focusing only on those trading recommendations that optimize those factors, rather than manually hunting through all portfolios and positions for the right trading opportunities.

Benzinga: What are you looking forward to most about the Benzinga Fintech Awards?

MyVest: We are excited that Benzinga is highlighting this new wave of fintech innovation, something financial services has sorely needed for many years and is now flourishing.

Interested in building a portfolio through MyVest? Check out their website at