Rules & FAQ

The Benzinga Fintech Awards strive to seek out the most innovative companies within the rapidly growing financial technology & media sector. Companies are encouraged to enter the competition and, after receiving the required number of VOTES, they will be eligible for the next round. A panel of top-name industry leaders will choose 3 winners out of the competition finalists, as well as other category finalists.

1st place: 5,000,000 ad impressions ($75,000 value)

2nd place: 2,500,000 ad impressions ($22,00 value)

3rd place:  1,000,000 ad impressions ($15,000 value)


Step 1 – Submit your company by clicking “Submit Company” in the navigation bar above. Fill out the form and await for approval by email.

Step 2 – We will send you an email after your company profile is approved, your company will be allowed to start getting VOTES on December 8th. During this time, acquire as many VOTES as possible by asking people to click “Like” or “tweet” on your official Benzinga Fintech Awards profile page.

Step 3 – After the voting period is complete, a panel of top-name industry leaders will choose the winners of each category, as well as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place overall winners.


  • December 2nd – Applications Open
  • January 2nd – Voting Starts
  • March 17th – Voting & Applications Submission Ends
  • May 11th – Awards Gala and Expo


Once the voting period begins, each visitor can vote for a company by clicking the Facebook Like, LinkedIn Like, and Twitter Tweet buttons on each company’s profile page. The VOTES must take place on the company’s official competition page within the Benzinga Fintech Awards site ( Visitors can VOTE for an unlimited amount of companies each day.


Companies that come in the top percentile of the scores will be named as a finalist in their respective categories, and will be eligible to be chosen by judges for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall spots. The winners will also receive national media distribution as well as exposure through Benzinga’s network of sites.


Company Categories

  • Best Analysis Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best Educational Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best Financial T.V. Commercial
  • Best Fintech Incubator / Accelerator
  • Best Fintech Podcast
  • Best Forex Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best InsurTech Solution
  • Best Lending or Alternative Investment Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best RegTech Solution
  • Best Research Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best Robo-advisor
  • Best Proprietary Platform or API
  • Best Trading Idea Platform, Tool, or App
  • Best Use of Blockchain
  • Finding Alpha
  • Institutional Innovators
  • Investing in Millennials
  • Leveling the Playing Field
  • Most Accessible Solution for the “Under-banked”
  • Solving Problems Through Payments

Special Categories (all finalists eligible)

The following awards are chosen either by the judges out of the total pool of applicants:

  • Overall Competition 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place

The following awards are chosen by attendees at the gala and only exhibiting companies are eligible:

  • Attendee’s Exhibitor Choice Award
  • Benzinga Staff Exhibitor Choice Award

The following awards are by nomination and chosen by Benzinga staff with the help of fintech advisory board:

  • Financial Reporter of the Year
  • Financial BD Superstar of the Year
  • Founder of the Year
  • Most Impactful Fintech Venture Capitalist
  • Startup of the Year


Is there a fee to apply as a company?

  • No, submitting an application for your company is FREE.

How are scores calculated?

  • Scores are based on number of social votes compared to others in your category and the scores received from the judges.

Which businesses may apply?

  • Any for-profit or non-profit innovative financial technology & media businesses. We have recently expanded our definition to include regulatory, insurance, and block-chain based companies.

How can my business apply?

  • Click Submit Company in the navigation bar and submit your company. You will be notified by email upon approval. Approval is typically within 12 hours, but may take up to 48 hours. When applying, we encourage you to fill out as much information as possible on your profile.

Who can vote for my business?

  • Employees, customers, clients, friends, family and neighbors can vote. Anyone can vote as long as the vote is legitimate. Companies that are found cheating with their vote count reset.

How do I encourage people to vote for my business?

  • In order for visitors to vote you must have an approved page on the Benzinga Fintech Awards site. Companies with pending submissions cannot get votes until they are approved. To gain attention to your official competition page, share it on social media and ask people to click on the vote buttons.

What is the voting process like?

  • Visitors must click “Like” or “Tweet” buttons on your official Benzinga Fintech Awards page. To do this, they are required to have Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts. There is no set required amount of votes. The voting period ends March 17th.

How do I edit my business page on the Benzinga Fintech Awards website?

  • In order to edit your business page, you must send a change request to All change requests need to be sent via email.

Who can I call or contact if I have questions?

  • If you need to contact us, please simply give us a ring at (877) 440-9464.