Benzinga Cannabis Conference Virtual


The premier gathering of cannabis entrepreneurs and investors in North America is going virtual.

Benzinga’s first virtual Cannabis Capital Conference is guaranteed to offer participants all the benefits of an immersive and robust in-person conference from any remote location. The conference will feature an interactive forum of live and On-Demand presentations from top CEOs, investors and leaders in the cannabis space. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with THE cannabis movers and shakers from across the globe.


  • Investors
    Come face-to-face with top cannabis
    companies to hear about their
    advancements in the rapidly
    changing space.
  • Cannabis Executives
    Find new opportunities to
    grow business enterprises with
    lightning round presentations
    and 1:1 meetings.

What Industry Leaders are saying!




The agenda is designed with specialized tracks to give attendees a more customizable experience.

VIP Breakout Session

12:00 - 1:00 PM

Identifying Investment Opportunities in the Public Cannabis Markets: A Due Diligence Session With 420Investor

Track 1

10:00 AM

The Power of Trust: How consumers seek trust now more than ever

11:00 AM

Rainbow Realty Group

11:15 AM

Accessing Capital Through Alternative Methods

Accessing capital through traditional debt financing has been an ongoing challenge in the cannabis industry. When sourcing financing, cannabis businesses often rely on collateralization of hard assets to access capital from major lenders due to the lack of legal precedent against the cannabis industry. This panel of finance experts will discuss alternative solutions to accessing capital and increasing cash flow through equipment financing, real estate, leaseback, equity plays and more.
12:30 PM

From Bud to Bloom: Growing Your Business the Right Way

A panel of operators will share their insights and experiences around building a successful cannabis company. These seasoned entrepreneurs will discuss strategies on finding the right investors and sourcing new opportunities to make your company go from a budding start-up to a profitable business.


1:00 PM

Innovating Retail in a Sea of Sameness

Discover Superette, the award-winning brand that is known for its distinct store design and engaging brand ecosystem in Canada. Mimi Lam, CEO and Co-founder, will share the behind-the-scenes story of a company that has built unparalleled customer resonance, established a track record of profitable retail operations, and is growing quickly with a focused strategy.


1:15 PM

Kushco Holdings

1:45 PM

Marijuana Market: Industry Trends, Strategies & Forecast

Is cash king? What is a good investment? Have we hit rock bottom? Top industry analysts will address these questions and offer strategies and forecasts as the cannabis industry struggles through this period of market downturn.
3:00 PM

Capitalizing on Cannabis: The New State of the Industry

Deemed an “essential” business in many states, at a time when other businesses have been forced to close, indicates the profound shift in the way cannabis is perceived across the country. This panel will discuss how the coronavirus has affected the cannabis industry, what the increase in demand says about consumer habits and how the cannabis industry could play an even bigger role in solving the country’s loss of tax revenue and failing job market and the path to federal legalization.
  • Jon Najarian@CNBC
3:30 PM



  • Tony Noto, Editor@Benzinga Cannabis
3:45 PM

Pineapple Express

4:00 PM

Investor Presentation

4:15 PM

The New Normal: Investor Perspectives & Preparing for Recovery

It’s likely that business won’t return to pre-pandemic status-quo, pushing the industry into a state of new normal. Investors weigh in on what that ‘new normal’ looks like, how businesses can transition during a global crisis and how to prepare for the impending recovery.


Track 2

11:00 AM

Spotlight: Hunter + Esquire and The GIGG®

11:20 AM

Columbia Care

12:05 PM


  • Chris Bogart, President @Choom
12:35 PM


  • Tim Conder
1:05 PM

Fireside: Ascend Wellness

1:45 PM

Red White and Bloom

2:00 PM

Fireside: Neo Exchange Inc.


  • Scott Greiper, President & Founder@Viridian Capital Advisors
2:15 PM


  • Dan Ahrens, COO@AdvisorShares
3:00 PM

Cannaphyll Quickfire


  • Andrew Ward
3:15 PM

IM Cannabis

  • Oren Schuster, CEO @IM Cannabis
3:30 PM

Investor Presentation


Who Should Attend?

Investors looking to come face-to-face with top cannabis companies to hear about advancements, innovation and opportunities in the rapidly changing space.

Cannabis executives searching for new opportunities to grow and bolster business enterprises with lightning presentations and curated 1:1 networking.

Any person interested to hear from the experts and thought leaders driving the space forward amidst regulation, legalization and industry changes.

Why Should I Attend?

– For investors, to find lucrative new opportunities in the cannabis space by meeting with vetted cannabis businesses & executives.
– For entrepreneurs, to find partnership & investment opportunities.
– For service providers and all attendents, to find warm leads and take advantage of huge networking opportunities.
For any individual interested to hear from the experts and thought leaders driving the space forward amidst regulation, legalization and industry changes.

How Do I Get More Info?

Write in to with any questions. We’re here to help!