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Broadening women and minority-owned businesses financial opportunities

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In partnership with Women Grow, Benzinga is working to not only highlight the importance of women and minority-owned businesses but broaden their financial opportunities.

Diversity is more important than ever and Benzinga is committed to providing opportunities for women and minorities to succeed.

Businesses who attend our cannabis conferences are able to network with investors and industries leaders, with waived sponsorship fees.

Why the Future of Investing in Cannabis Points to Women-Owned Businesses? panel at the September 2022 Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference. Pictured from left to right: Sara Brittany Somerset, United Nations & Cannabis Correspondant of Cannabis now, Amor Montes de Oca, Executive Direction of Illinois Women in Cannabis, Amber Senter, CEO of MAKR House, Roz McCarthy, Founder & CEO of Minorities for Medical Marijuana, and Gia Morón, President of Women Grow.

Scholarship Application

As the CEO of Women Grow, it is imperative that women are empowered by financial solutions. Benzinga has opened the doors of access for our community, and we are ready to drive innovation and growth.

Scholarship Application for Women-owned & Minority-owned Businesses

This request form is closed for our Miami event April 11-12. Please check back later to request a discounted ticket to the Chicago event taking place September 27-28.

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