Government Trades API is Live!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our latest offering: Government Trades data.

Closing the Information Gap:

Benzinga’s Government Trades API aims to bridge this gap by offering comprehensive and up-to-date data on the trading activities of U.S. politicians. Leveraging our in-house expertise and extensive partner network, our APIs provide you with a rich dataset that covers insider transactions, enabling retail traders to monitor and analyze influential figures’ buying and selling patterns and potentially uncover strategic investment opportunities.

Enhancing Transparency and Accountability:

Transparency and accountability are fundamental to maintaining trust in financial markets. With our Government Trades APIs, we strive to provide an open and level playing field for all retail traders. By making our platform accessible and user-friendly, we enable retail traders to explore the same data as institutional investors, promoting transparency and accountability. This democratization of market data empowers retail traders to identify potential conflicts of interest or unusual trading patterns that may impact specific stocks or sectors, giving them an edge in their investment decisions.

Example API Response Schema:

    "amendment_number": 0,
    "amount": "$1,001 - $15,000",
    "chamber": "House",
    "description": "",
    "disclosure_url": "",
    "filer_info": {
        "_id": "845374b0470ff090bf41673",
        "member_id": "G000577",
        "display_name": "Garret Graves",
        "district": "06",
        "member_name": "Hon. Garret Graves",
        "state": "LA",
        "status": "Member",
        "party": "R",
        "headshot": "",
        "website": "",
        "leadership_position": null,
        "committees": {
            "Committee on Natural Resources": [
                "Energy and Mineral Resources",
                "Water, Oceans, and Wildlife"
            "Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure": [
                "Water Resources and Environment"
            "Select Committee on the Climate Crisis": []
    "notification_date": "2022-09-30",
    "ownership": "",
    "report_date": "2022-10-18",
    "report_id": "20021868",
    "security": {
        "name": "Coinbase Global",
        "ticker": "COIN",
        "type": "STOCK"
    "transaction_date": "2022-09-30",
    "transaction_id": "640cfb38b845374b0470ff090bf4167386568082",
    "transaction_type": "P",
    "updated": 1666185311


Benzinga Government Trades API is a game-changer for retail traders, providing unprecedented access to real-time politician trading data. Through our robust platform, we empower retail traders to compete on equal footing with institutional investors, unlocking new opportunities in the dynamic world of financial markets. With Benzinga APIs for Government Trades, you can stay ahead of the curve and make strategic investment decisions backed by reliable and timely data. Join us and experience the power of Benzinga APIs today!

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