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Sixth Wave Innovations Inc.


Sixth Wave is a nanotechnology company that uses patented Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) for Imprinting, Capturing and Releasing substances at the molecular level.

Since every substance has a unique size, shape, and chemical property;MIPs are developed and deployed to capture and extract target materials as small as parts-per-billion by templating or cloning the target molecule. Sixth Wave’s systems, empowered by MIPs, results in a more efficient and effective extraction system that yields purer end-product or detection findings.

Sixth Wave has developed fully scalable systems empowered by MIPS which will replace antiquated and time-consuming traditional processes delivering process improvements, cost- savings and Higher Yields.

Current products are in the process of commercialization in Gold Mining, Cannabis Production and Health & Security with Rapid Virus Detection.

Sixth Wave has collaborated for research and testing with some of the largest entities in the Chemical, Resources, Education, Security, Defense and Medical sectors. Our systems are 100% Developed & Owned by Sixth Wave with Patented/Patent Pending in 40+ Countries Worldwide.

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