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Start-up Brand, Platinum915, is a Veteran and minority-owned Health & Wellness Hemp-derived CBD Brand. Platinum915 is one of the more exciting and rapidly emerging Hemp-derived CBD brands with cutting-edge products, fun creative packaging, and a surging coalition of support. Platinum915 is based out of Dallas-Fort Worth; is a member of the Elite UPS Ignite/Lonely Entrepreneur program (UPS Ignite Program); recently signed a 3-year partnership with E-commerce giant Miva (; and manufacturing partnerships.
Platinum915 mission is to provide consumers with safe, delicious, & innovative Spiritual-themed Hemp-derived CBD & non-CBD products. We aim to educate and bring awareness to African-American consumers of the many health and spiritual benefits of Hemp-derived CBD and Psychedelic products in hopes of eliminating stigmas & increasing Wellness.
Platinum915 will offer consumers innovative Hemp-derived & natural plant products such as Nootropic Functional Mushroom gummy, Cannabis Drinks (Hemp-derived alcohol-flavored shots, Hemp-derived alcohol-flavored frozen cocktails, Hemp-derived energy shots), Hemp-derived CBD Gummies, and Legal Psychedelic mushrooms.
We have 7 Signature Gummy Products, of which one, Platinum915 Rasta Rocks (with 75mgs CBD/7.5 mg Delta9), we successfully debuted at Benzinga Chicago 2022. We are excited to introduce Platinum915’s Alcohol-flavored Hemp-derived Cannabis Shots with 20mg Delta9 (Rum, Tequila, Whiskey, and Vodka).
We are excited to be a Sponsor and eager to introduce our version of the famous Amanita “Magic Mushroom” Muscaria product at the Benzinga Psychedelic Conference in Miami (Benzinga Psychedelics Conference | Spring 2023). Thank you, Benzinga, as it is great to be back at the #1 Cannabis Capital Conference in the world!

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