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PEAK Platinum915, LLC

PEAK Platinum9one5, LLC is a Veteran and Minority-owned Wellness (start-up) company that provides Hemp-Derived CBD to consumers. Platinum915 is our Wellness & Lifestyle Brand that delivers Superior Quality Hemp products that are legal, safe, effective, and delicious! Our brand is Fresh, Hip, and full of energy!

Platinum915 Hemp products will eliminate your anxiety, pain, and stress, allowing you to relax naturally, and fall asleep without causing an anxious effect.

The MISSION of our Wellness & Lifestyle Brand, Platinum915, aims to deliver high-quality, safe, and effective Hemp-derived CBD products to the millions of minorities struggling with anxiety, insomnia, pain, and stress.

Platinum915 VISION is to bring joy and happiness to you, by reducing your anxiety, pain, and stress with 100% Hemp-derived CBD products, allowing you to live a happier, fuller, and more productive life.

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