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Delta 9 Cannabis Inc


Delta 9 Cannabis Inc. (“D9”) is a vertically integrated cannabis company that primarily serves the recreational cannabis market in Canada. D9 operates through three primary business divisions: (1) cultivation & wholesale, (2) retail stores, and (3) B2B consulting & grow pods. D9 is a market leader in Manitoba, holding 35% market share with 7 retail stores in Canada, with plans to operate five more retail cannabis stores by 2021. The company currently operates a facility that is capable of cultivating 8,325 kg of cannabis per annum with licences to sell to 72% of Canada’s population.

D9 has sold over 160 Grow pods, valued at $12 million in revenue over the last 12 months. Grow pods are 40-foot cube shipping containers retrofitted to be able to cultivate cannabis hydroponically and provide a high level of control over the crop. These pods are modular, scalable, stackable and are designed to mitigate the risk of significant crop loss.

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