Centri Business Consulting
Centri Business Consulting | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

Centri Business Consulting

At Centri, we provide the highest quality finance and accounting consulting services to our clients by being reliable and responsive to their needs. In addition, we provide companies with the expertise they need to meet their reporting demands. Our areas of expertise include financial reporting, internal controls, valuation services, technical accounting research, and CFO advisory services for companies of various sizes and industries. From complex technical accounting transactions to periodic financial reporting, our professionals can offer any organization the specialized expertise and multilayered skill sets to ensure the project is completed timely and accurately.

We bring a calculated approach to every engagement, ensuring that the needs of our clients are met as efficiently and effectively as possible. We help our clients recognize potential problems sooner, not only to solve for the risks of today, but similarly, to foresee their imminent challenges. Our approach is to select team members with the appropriate experience to ensure that their fit within our clients’ organization is seamless.

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