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CC Security Solutions | Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

CC Security Solutions

Founded in 2021 with a mission and vision dedicated to re-defining and significantly improving cannabis industry security and cannabis risk management. Now serving cannabis clients across the State of California (Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Humboldt County, Sonoma County, Sacramento, Long Beach, other) and an emerging presence in other State markets (e.g., New York, Michigan). Dedicated to the legal cannabis industry and serving all licensed cannabis operators, including social equity operators and applicants. Our team is experienced working with various sizes and types of licensed cannabis facilities and operations, including dispensaries, indoor grows, outdoor grows, greenhouse, mixed use, distribution centers, multi-tenant cannabis properties, and micro businesses. CCSS is committed to working with clients on the deployment of new technologies, unique applications and optimized services to achieve their specific security objectives, support security use cases, each as a part of their overall security program.

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