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Benzinga Cannabis Alliance

The Benzinga Cannabis Alliance (BCA) is the premier online hub for connecting cannabis business owners to industry leading product and service providers. Whether you’re a cannabis dispensary, farm or any other related business, we are dedicated to helping increase profitability, by providing unique partnership opportunities for our curated members and providers. Leveraging more than 37K+ members, we are able to negotiate pricing that reduces operating expenses, help companies become more competitive in the industry and support owners and operators to gain knowledge.   Through our partnerships across the U.S., we create robust buying power opportunities with industry-leading partners and service providers. Our turn-key business solution for all business needs eliminates the vendor vetting process for our members. The BCA provides one-stop shopping for your cannabis business with exclusive offers to help save time and money. We are appreciative of the alliance partners we have selected, and believe both our members and partners benefit significantly from the alliance relationship.

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