When you become a Benzinga client, you join the Benzinga Family Network (BFN). The BFN brings you benefits including:

  • Reporting Your News

    Our news team will get the word out about your developments with our widely distributed reporting

  • Syndication

    Press release distribution throughout our syndication partners and sites

  • Event Participation

    Discounted VIP access to Benzinga events including the Global Fintech Awards

  • In The News

    When we need experts, our news team will reach out to publish your thoughts on the news

  • Support

    We are experts on brokerages and fintech. We will share our learnings with you; we always love a good brainstorm session


About Benzinga

Benzinga is a dynamic and innovative financial data company that empowers investors with high-quality, unique insights. We are more than just a data distributor, but a host of an entire ecosystem of content, data, and events.

Our API offerings reflect all of the actionable insights that the team strives to seamlessly deliver and support. One of Benzinga’s core values is to “create raving fans,” and the team is committed to providing a service that no one can compete against.

About the API

The Benzinga API team gives investors access to these actionable insights through our top-tier data through our curated partner network. Benzinga’s market data leverages our industry experience and knowledge to deliver actionable news to our clients. Our alternative data partnerships are formed on the basis of robust, quality data that delivers leading indicators to clients.

We pride ourselves on eliminating the noise through our news and forecasting the next mover through our alternative partnerships.

Not to brag, but…

5M+ zingers interact with every month.

25M+ monthly page views to our content from around the web.

215M+impressions month across the entire Benzinga Partner Network (BPN).

600-900 actionable, timely and accurate corporate newswire releases headlines per day.

150+ research firms help Benzinga create the most comprehensive analyst ratings calendar in the industry.