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Here's Why Blackberry, Spotify And Ideanomics Are Moving

January 15, 2021 9:37 am
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Here's Why Blackberry, Spotify And Ideanomics Are Moving

One of the most common questions traders have about stocks is “Why Is It Moving?”

That’s why Benzinga created the Why Is It Moving, or WIIM, feature in Benzinga Pro. WIIMs are a one-sentence description as to why that stock is moving. 

Here’s why shares of Blackberry, Spotify and Ideanomics are moving. 

Blackberry Stock News

Blackberry Ltd (NYSE:BB) shares are trading higher on continued upward momentum. Earlier this week, it was reported the company will sell its patents to Huawei.

Spotify Stock News

Spotify Technology SA (NYSE:SPOT) shares are trading lower after Citigroup downgraded the stock from Neutral to Sell.

Ideanomics Stock News

Ideanomics Inc (NASDAQ:IDEX) shares are trading higher after the company announced its Mobile Energy Global division delivered 439 units in the month of December.

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