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How To Position Yourself For Quarter Four

How To Position Yourself For Quarter Four

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With regards to your timing signal, I have a few questions. The US market is already had correction so to speak. The S&P is down about 60 points from last 10 days I think. How long does it take for this signal normally to come to fruition? My longs took a beating this past week, so I am very curious as to how much more of a drop we can expect and approximately when?

Tom McClellan and others think we are at or near a bottom, and will rally to the new year, so again very curious how you think the rest of the year would play out. Trying to get some sort of plan.

Watch video for answer.

I also went through all my sector charts and while many are oversold, there is a lot more room for more downside (after we get the rally I talk about in the video).

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