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Super Moon Brings Down The Financial Sector


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Full Moon May 6, 2012

The distance of the full Moon on May 6th is 356,954 km from earth, which is the minimum range.  If you have an opportunity to see the Moon at night you will notice the size is larger than normal.  The Moons gravity on the earth becomes much more intense and these lunar events are called “Super Moons,” because of the increased tidal occurrences and severe weather they can produce.  I should point out that the last “Super Moon” was March 19, 2011 at a distance of 356,580 km.

The Moon also effects the mood of the general public towards the economy,  government,  future growth, and anger that can lead to social unrest.  The Moons influence is the strongest a few days leading up to the full Moon.  This was very apparent in the markets on May 3rd and again on Friday after the jobs numbers came out,  suddenly the public sentiment shifted very negatively on the jobs numbers and the markets pulled back .  Confidence in the financials turned negative on May 3rd as well, and as I suggested in past updates there would potentially be indictments or removals of top NY banking officials the first week of May. On May 3rd Bank of New York Mellon's CEO Robert P. Kelly, 57, stepped down on accusations the bank was ripping off clients in foreign currency swap transactions, as reported in the New York Times.   Bank of New York Mellon is a custodial bank with 1.3 trillion assets in management.  On May 2nd Bloomberg announced CME Group CEO Craig Donohue, at the center of the still lingering MF Global scandal, retired effective immediately a full eight months ahead of his scheduled retirement in December, Donohue is only 50.

There are most likely other high profile banking CEO's that will be leaving on accusations of criminal banking practices.  My point here is to stress the importance of the rare full Moon (Super Moon) as a turning point in the public's tolerance for questionable banking practices, and the mortgage foreclosure crises.  The pressure (gravity) of the public anger and disgust for the banks deemed to big to fail could accelerate into mid August, and could lead to a U.S. downgrade.  In my view, the noose is tightening on the Fed and banking elite, and what is happening here is the acceleration of the public's intolerance and the desire to end their control.

This war with the banks will most likely intensify this Summer and lead to a much bigger financial crises in 2014, in what I call a potential financial earthquake.  I have advised in the past to consider using a credit union for banking.  Credit unions do not engage in derivatives or speculative currency swaps, and no one has ever lost their deposits in a banking scandal involving a credit union.

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