Tesla Creates UK's Largest Powerwall Installation Yet

While Tesla Inc TSLA is often valued on the company's vehicle production, Tesla is also heavily involved in energy production and storage via solar and stationary power storage in the form of batteries.

Tesla's Powerwall is a battery pack helps homeowners and businesses store their extra solar energy, and even keep power in case the grid goes down.

A story by Tesmanian tells of Tesla's biggest Powerwall installation in the U.K., at Portsmouth City Council's Hilsea Industrial Estate. The 10-battery setup stores energy from 738 solar panels. 

The system can store 135 kilowatt-hours of energy, an amount large enough to power the average home for approximately two  weeks. This system is expected to reduce power bills by 50%. 

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The city council has used its structure to install Tesla Powerwalls in 13 residential blocks previously, but this is the first time that 10 units have been used in one installation.

Up to 98% of the site's electricity needs are met by batteries and solar panels. 

Photo courtesy of Tesla.

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