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Why Google is My Favorite Company


From innovative search and map technology to smartphones and Project Glass, Google has grown into one of the most important tech companies in the world.

And now it's my favorite company.

I'm not an investor. I don't have any positions on the company's stock. Frankly, I really don't care if Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) achieves the predicted trillion-dollar goal -- a goal that many expect Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) to hit first. That's not what this is about. For me, Google is all about innovation.

But guess what: with every innovation Google produces, the company's wealth rises. So those of you who do invest have every reason to care about Google's past, present, and future -- and the many wonderful things the company will create.

We're not even a full day past the official unveiling of Project Glass, but it is quickly becoming clear that the next big innovation is going to come from Google. Maybe it will be in the form of a pair of glasses and maybe it won't. But in terms of fresh and groundbreaking ideas, Google is the only company moving forward. The rest are too worried about dollars and cents to care about anything that actually makes sense.

That is one of the many reasons why Google has become my favorite company.

Google Doesn't Just Copy…

…It makes it better. While some would argue that this is not true of all of Google's ventures (Android isn't on par with iOS, Google Docs pale in comparison to Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Word, etc.), the company has been successful in building a better:

  • Search Engine
  • Advertising Tool
  • Video Streaming/Sharing Site
  • Email Client
  • Map Site
  • Digital Calendar
  • Translator
  • Blog

This list is anything but comprehensive, but it should provide you with a good idea of what Google has already accomplished.

Not all of these accomplishments were made overnight, mind you. YouTube, for example, has greatly improved its streaming quality (among other significant enhancements) since Google acquired the company. Google Maps were pretty lame when the site first launched, but Google stuck with the project, worked hard to improve it, and slowly turned it into a site that is vastly superior to the original digital map leader, MapQuest.

Google may not be able to do the same for Google+, a Facebook clone that has yet to take off. Google may never be able to make a better laptop OS than Apple or Microsoft. And even though it should be simple, Google will probably never build the best word processor.

The great thing about Google, however, is that it's a company that never gives up.

Google Isn't Afraid to Have Fun

Most tech companies think they are fun. But you can't name any corporation -- in any industry -- that is more fun than Google.

Google constantly updates its homepage with impressive Doodles that alter its own logo more effectively (and more creatively) than any other company in the world. On April Fools, Google goes above and beyond the competition, spending a small fortune to produce the most memorable gags. This year, the company paid homage to retro video games by adding an 8-bit filter to Google Maps. Needless to say, it was brilliant.

Knowing how different and quirky the firm can be, I initially assumed that the 8-bit maps were a real project. Not a useful one, per se, but I figured it was something that Google wanted to try. That, of course, is the mark of a great gag: when it's good enough to make you think it is (or could be) real.

Google Knows Acquisitions Better Than Anyone

From YouTube to Android, nobody has been more successful at turning million- and billion-dollar businesses into world-renowned industry leaders that fill Google's bank account with billions of dollars in additional revenue.

Many have criticized Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) for buying Motorola (NYSE: MMI). Most have written off the purchase as an overpriced way to bolster Google's database of patents. If that is indeed the only reason for the acquisition, Google could still make billions off the deal in future licensing fees (and the inevitable lawsuits).

But this is Google. If anyone can do great things with Motorola, it's this company. And even if it doesn't, who can complain? It's one acquisition. Most tech giants have several disastrous acquisitions in their portfolio. Look at Microsoft -- how many acquisitions has that company purchased without turning a profit?

Google, on the other hand, has already made billions off the companies it has acquired, most of which have enhanced the company's analytics business -- Google's primary objective.

Google Will Change the World

People always wonder, "Who will be the next Apple? The next Facebook? The next Google?"

It turns out that Google will be the next Google.


These glasses may look silly, and the technology may not actually work as well as this video leads us to believe. But in theory -- heck, in fantasy -- Google has produced the most groundbreaking piece of technology I've seen since the original iPhone came out. In fact, I haven't been this excited for an electronic device since the iPhone was unveiled.

Project Glass is undoubtedly the beginning of something beautiful. Even if the idea of digital glasses does not catch on, the technology held inside of them could lead to years of other innovations.

Is it scary how much power Google could wield if every human were to accept this technology? Absolutely. But while there is certainly a mischievous side to (most) everything Google does, there is also a positive, world-changing side that could ultimately make our lives better.

That's the side I'm excited about.

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