3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for Space Startups to Check Out

3 Crowdfunding Campaigns for Space Startups to Check Out

Space exploration is perhaps one of the most exciting new industries and it’s expected to see major growth over the next several years. Here are three companies that are currently raising capital through startup crowdfunding that you can invest in today:

1. Aphelion Aerospace

Aphelion Aerospace intends to change access to space by making it available for individuals in addition to businesses. The company provides services for small spacecraft technology that can be used in commerce, science and research and is on a quest to reinvent the future of small space launches.

The Company: Aphelion Aerospace is a nanosatellite startup that provides fast, short-notice and on-demand launch services to civilian and government customers.

The company is working on technology that will allow it to provide a complete end-to-end solution for commercial space access. Aphelion Aerospace has accomplished several significant milestones in recent years: it has partnered with NASA and the U.S. Air Force to commercialize 2 of the most expensive and high-risk systems (Avionics and the Autonomous Flight Safety System).

In addition, the firm is licensing NASA's hardware and software technology to manufacture its spacecraft while also inventing new technologies.

Investment Highlights: Aphelion Aerospace focuses on creating innovative ways for new entrants in the field through business strategy, environmentally friendly propulsion technology and expert-led breakthroughs.

  • Minimum Investment: $250.86
  • Valuation Cap: $7.99 million
  • Offering Type: Equity
  • Type of Security Offered: Common stock
  • Price per Share: $2.22
  • Platform: StartEngine

2. Solstar Space Company

Solstar is a pioneering commercial Internet Service Provider (ISP) for space. The company intends to provide WiFi for astronauts via its high-speed, dependable and straightforward space communications technology, which uses the most recent commercial satellite networks.

The Company: Solstar Space Company is a leading commercial space-based connectivity startup that established the use of continuous communications services for satellites in low earth orbit (LEO/NGSO).

The startup offers smallsats equipped with bandwidth, payloaders with bi-directional 2-way data services and crewed missions with orbital and suborbital communications. In addition, Solstar's routers, WiFi hotspots and satellite space communicators, with 24/7 customer service, offer internet access to any PC.

Investment Highlights: Solstar plans to use most of the funds raised from the campaign to build its software app, tiny satellite space communicators, flight communicators and routers for space agencies, commercial space stations and spacecraft.

  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Valuation Cap: $712 million
  • Offering Type: Future Equity
  • Platform: Wefunder

3. Exo-Space

Exo-Space AI applications aim to ensure access to space data 10 times faster by handling data on-orbit via FeatherEdge, a satellite mountable engine vision device with proprietary hardware and software.

The Company: Exo-Space intends to use its experience in artificial intelligence, machine vision and satellite architecture to develop cutting-edge software and hardware that can resist the harsh conditions of space.

These devices will provide data processing capabilities for space applications and enable previously unimaginable services. Arkisys, Blue Planet and Orbital Transports are just a few of Exo-Space's notable clientele.

Investment Highlights: The startup plans to scale its product to companies running more prominent earth observation constellations. This approach will allow for significantly more profitable contracts ranging from 20 to 100 units (with a value of $2 million to $10 million).

  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Valuation Cap: $7.5 million
  • Type of Security Offered: Convertible debt
  • Price per Share: $2.2
  • Platform: Spaced Ventures

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Photo by NASA on Unsplash

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