How A New, Enormous Hackathon Could Bring A 'Culture Of Innovation' To South Korea

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The largest-ever international hackathon was announced this Friday.

The result of a partnership between the Seoul Metro Government and Global Hackathon, the event will take place in the South Korean capital next summer.

According to the event's organizers, a major goal of Global Hackathon Seoul is to promote an entrepreneurial environment within the country. "_________," said KJ Yoo, Executive Director of Global Hackathon.

Google Inc GOOG has already revealed it will open a startup campus in Seoul. The Gangnam district, in particular, is at the epicenter of the action.

"Gangnam has the best of...New York City and Silicon Valley," FuturePlay's Steven Baek recently told the AP. "Gangnam's benefit is diversity. New York has lots of fun clubs and rich consumer-based culture like Gangnam, but it doesn't have many engineers," he added.

Global Hackathon Seoul also has the support of local government and Mayor Park Won­-soon.

“As Seoul continues to transform, this event will be an opportunity for the city to inspire and support the movers of tomorrow," the Seoul Metro Government said.

The hackathon, which will take place between July 29 and August 1, 2015, is expected to be the "flagship" event for Seoul's Creative Economy Department.

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