John A Martin Net Worth & Insider Trades

John A Martin - Chief Accounting Officer, Hilltop Holdings Inc

As of August 10, 2017

What is John A Martin's Net Worth?

The current estimated net worth of Hilltop Holdings Inc's Chief Accounting Officer, John A Martin, is estimated to be about $3.37M . John A Martin owns about 37,009 units of Hilltop Holdings Inc common stock. In the last 5 years at Hilltop Holdings Inc, John A Martin has sold an estimated value of $1.98M worth.

What is John A Martin's Past Insider Trading?

John A Martin's largest purchase order was 3,900 units , worth over $53.43K on December 21, 2012. John A Martin's largest sale order was 43,071 units , worth over $1.22M on February 22, 2017. In total, John A Martin has made about 9 transactions over 5 years of their time at Hilltop Holdings Inc. John A Martin usually trades in February, with the busiest year in 2017. The most recent transaction was a sale order of 25,145 units , worth over $658.39K on August 10, 2017.

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What is John A Martin's' Mailing Address?

  • Mailing address is C/o Plainscapital Corporation 2323 Victory Avenue, Suite 1400 Dallas TX 75219 TX

Hilltop Holdings Inc Executive Compensation

Other Earnings Plans or Compensations
Jeremy B. Ford 2020 $112,314 $5,226,227
Jeremy B. Ford 2019 $91,172 $3,685,005
Jeremy B. Ford 2018 $91,923 $3,022,479
William B. Furr 2020 $10,530 $2,324,311
William B. Furr 2019 $10,580 $1,895,869
William B. Furr 2018 $11,230 $1,221,005
Jerry L. Schaffner 2020 $58,556 $2,058,466
Jerry L. Schaffner 2019 $56,537 $1,774,963
Jerry L. Schaffner 2018 $55,462 $1,493,698
Stephen Thompson 2020 $47,068 $4,751,637
Stephen Thompson 2019 $49,977 $1,121,827
Stephen Thompson 2018 $39,703 $1,277,219
M. Bradley Winges 2020 $11,544 $3,785,271
M. Bradley Winges 2019 $577,219 $5,798,356
M. Bradley Winges 2018 - -
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What are Hilltop Holdings Inc's Past Insider Trades?

Hilltop Holdings Inc's most recent insider trade came on August 18, 2022 by Hill A Feinberg who sold 40,000 units worth $1.19M . In the last 15 years, insiders at Hilltop Holdings Inc have sold an estimated value of $72.23M and bought an estimated value of $81.1M worth of shares. Insider trading is most common in February, with the busiest year in 2021. The most active traders at the company are Carl B Webb,  Gerald Ford,  and Hill A Feinberg .

Hilltop Holdings Inc. Insider Trades

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