Michael A Decola Net Worth & Insider Trades

Michael A Decola - Director, Enterprise Financial Services Corp

As of July 15, 2022

What is Michael A Decola's Net Worth?

The current estimated net worth of Enterprise Financial Services Corp's Director, Michael A Decola, is estimated to be about $1.03M . Michael A Decola owns about 10,353 units of Enterprise Financial Services Corp common stock. In the last 14 years at Enterprise Financial Services Corp, Michael A Decola has sold an estimated value of $0 worth.

What is Michael A Decola's Past Insider Trading?

Michael A Decola's largest purchase order was 2,000 units , worth over $36.6K on March 10, 2008. In total, Michael A Decola has made about 38 transactions over 14 years of their time at Enterprise Financial Services Corp. Michael A Decola usually trades in December, with the busiest year in 2009 and 2008. The most recent transaction was a purchase order of 1,960 units , worth over $24.99K on May 20, 2011.

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What is Michael A Decola's' Mailing Address?

  • Mailing address is 150 N. Meranec Clayton MO 63105 MO

Enterprise Financial Services Corp Executive Compensation

Other Earnings Plans or Compensations
James B. Lally 2020 $405,101 $1,556,996
James B. Lally 2019 $360,278 $1,334,315
James B. Lally 2018 $249,952 $1,141,822
Keene S. Turner 2020 $192,127 $1,009,120
Keene S. Turner 2019 $157,624 $809,224
Keene S. Turner 2018 $246,029 $842,560
Scott R. Goodman 2020 $150,556 $796,717
Scott R. Goodman 2019 $144,825 $744,112
Scott R. Goodman 2018 $133,167 $692,473
Douglas N. Bauche 2020 $113,925 $671,522
Douglas N. Bauche 2019 $106,478 $597,714
Douglas N. Bauche 2018 $80,110 $488,837
Nicole M. Iannacone 2020 $110,291 $628,269
Nicole M. Iannacone 2019 $91,892 $558,900
Nicole M. Iannacone 2018 $67,900 $419,944
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What are Enterprise Financial Services Corp's Past Insider Trades?

Enterprise Financial Services Corp's most recent insider trade came on December 13, 2021 by Peter Hui who sold 62,000 units worth $1.49M . In the last 18 years, insiders at Enterprise Financial Services Corp have sold an estimated value of $69.17M and bought an estimated value of $30.62M worth of shares. Insider trading is most common in December, with the busiest year in 2008. The most active traders at the company are Peter Benoist, President & CEO,  Scott Richard Goodman, President,  and Robert E. Guest, Director .


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