Eric Sprink Net Worth & Insider Trades

Eric Sprink - CEO, Coastal Financial Corp

As of August 15, 2023

What is Eric Sprink's Net Worth?

The current estimated net worth of Coastal Financial Corp's CEO, Eric Sprink, is estimated to be about $6.99M . Eric Sprink owns about 300,713 units of Coastal Financial Corp common stock. In the last 4 years at Coastal Financial Corp, Eric Sprink has sold an estimated value of $5.52M worth.

What is Eric Sprink's Past Insider Trading?

Eric Sprink's largest purchase order was 96,495 units , worth over $530.72K on November 23, 2022. Eric Sprink's largest sale order was 20,000 units , worth over $904K on August 15, 2023. In total, Eric Sprink has made about 23 transactions over 4 years of their time at Coastal Financial Corp. Eric Sprink usually trades in January, with the busiest year in 2022.

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What was Eric Sprink's Salary in 2020?

As CEO of Coastal Financial Corp, Eric Sprink has a total base salary of $435,000 . Eric Sprink received compensation valued at about $1,351,889 in 2020 after becoming CEO. The vast majority of their compensation came in the form of a bonus of $125,000 , stock awards of $440,302 , other earnings, plans or compensations of $315,284 , and other compensation of $36,304 .

What is Eric Sprink's' Mailing Address?

  • Mailing address is 9506 N Newport Hwy Spokane WA 99218 WA

Coastal Financial Corp Executive Compensation

Stock Awards
Other Earnings Plans or Compensations
Other Compensation
Eric M. Sprink 2020 $435,000 $125,000 $440,302 $315,284 $36,304 $1,351,889
Eric M. Sprink 2019 $380,000 $75,000 $339,100 $175,000 $37,370 $1,006,470
Joel G. Edwards 2020 $280,000 $41,000 $129,161 $129,145 $22,331 $601,637
Joel G. Edwards 2019 $266,000 $77,805 $79,800 $77,805 $21,496 $522,906
John J. Dickson 2020 $257,500 $80,000 $84,853 $101,800 $27,719 $551,872
John J. Dickson 2019 $220,670 $73,125 $66,217 $73,125 $28,139 $461,276
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What are Coastal Financial Corp's Past Insider Trades?

Coastal Financial Corp's most recent insider trade came on August 15, 2023 by Eric Sprink who sold 20,000 units worth $904K . In the last 5 years, insiders at Coastal Financial Corp have sold an estimated value of $19.83M and bought an estimated value of $8.99M worth of shares. Insider trading is most common in May, with the busiest year in 2022. The most active traders at the company are Eric Sprink, CEO,  Andrew Skotdal, Director,  and John Dickson, Chief Operating Officer .


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