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New Global Payment Options to Work With People All Over the World


There was a time when payments were simple. You would hand someone cash or write them out a check in exchange for what goods or service that you wanted or needed.

That’s not the case today. The payments ecosystem is now a complicated global machine that includes hundreds of international payments companies that accept everything from credit cards to eChecks to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and others.
While there are some tried and true global payment options, here are ten of the new options that will work with people from all over the world.


If you’re looking for a service that encompasses the entire billing and payment process, such as time tracking, project management, and customized online invoicing options, then look no further than Due. Invoicing and payment processing features include over 100 languages, currencies, and tax systems. Due also allows you to process credit credits from anywhere in the world at a low 2.8 percent transaction rate.


Zooz is a payment solution that offers Smart Routing, which “seamlessly connects into any merchant’s infrastructure to apply business rules which can optimize all transactions and ensure streamlined payments performance." This eliminates cross-border and currency conversion fees, connects you to the Zooz network of financial institutions, and allows you cater to the preferences of both both your local and global customers.


Ripple uses the blockchain, or distributed ledger technology, to allow users to send and receive instant, secure, and low-cost cross-border payments. Ripple supports tokens that represent fiat currency, cryptocurrency, commodity, and any other unit of value like frequent flier miles, gift certificates, or mobile minutes. Transactions are instant, secure, and low-cost. And, as long as someone is willing to accept these payments, they can be exchanged into their country's preferred currency.


Payoneer, which just raised another $180 million, is one of the best options for freelancers, affiliate marketers, and business owners who want to conduct business across borders. In fact, Payoneer is available in over 200 countries and is capable of processing transactions in more than 150 currencies. Payees can select their preferred method of payment and then use those funds by transferring them to their local bank or onto a prepaid MasterCard.


Headquartered in Singapore, InstaRem is an international remittance payments startup that allows users to send money overseas at a lower fee than banks and traditional remittance services, such as MoneyGram or Western Union. In fact, InstaRem’s rate is typically under one percent, with transactions being completed within one day, if not the same-day. There’s alway a 72 hour refund policy if your money doesn’t reach the recipient. While InstaRem is primarily focused on Asia, it’s available and has financial licenses in Australia, Hong Kong, and Canada, and is in the process of appearing in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Luxembourg. and also in a number of states in the U.S.


WorldRemit, which has been dubbed the “WhatsApp of money” allows users to send remittances from 50 countries to more than 100 destinations via a variety of methods including bank deposit, cash collection points, mobile money transfers, and mobile airtime. Funds are available in minutes, fees are low and transparent, it’s safe and secure.


Flint offers a convenient way to work with customers anywhere in the world thanks to the Buy Now button that can be integrated with websites, social media profiles, and marketing emails without having to learn any code to do so. This highly secure payments option provides a way to accept payments from anywhere at anytime and even offers a mobile payments solution that turns a mobile device into a card reader to make highly secure transactions that are PCI compliant and encrypt all sensitive data. It's a fast and easy way to add international payments capability.

Align Commerce

Align Commerce is a global payment company that allows small businesses to send and receive payments in local currency by utilizing the blockchain as a payment rail. By using this system, Align eliminates any need for intermediary banks. By cutting-out the middlemen, costs are reduced for business to send and receive global payments. Align converts the sender’s funds into bitcoin and then sells the digital currency at an exchange for the recipient's preferred currency. The company charges a rate of 1.9 – 1.5 percent, which varies depending on the size of the business’s transactions.


Stellar is a Silicon Valley based nonprofit that allows users to send money across borders quickly. Transactions can be decentralized in only 2-5 seconds, for just a fraction of a cent by tapping into the Stellar network. This blockchain startup recently announced a partnership with financial institutions which will enable low cost global money transfers to the Philippines, India and Europe, and cross-border M-Pesa payments to and from Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.


Circle is a startup that allows you send or receive money from anyone in the world for free. Yes. You read that correctly. For free. With Circle you convert your local currency, such as U.S. dollars, into bitcoin. From there, the coins are transferred to the recipient's Circle app over the internet, and then converted back into the local currency. The company recently launched a Chinese venture and is looking to tap into the European market by offering euro-transfer in the near future.


The Global currencies are here. It almost seems impossible and actually was impossible or at least greatly encumbered only a few short years ago. With payment options opening up to all people all over the world, it will present new entrepreneurial pursuit options globally, as well.

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